We Owe You A Liveblog

So far the defense has been gashed with misdirection, but if protocol holds they'll adjust mentally and improve rapidly as the day goes on.

They just held OU to a 3 and out, with OU running any misdirection. Flag though. Just a running into the kicker, which OU declines.

Texas' OL is holding up OK but they are outclassed. We can't get away with bad playcalls today.

Quan Cosby is a man. Did this site underrate him or what? Slightly disturbing we can't protect Colt.

Did I say can't protect? I don't even think we're trying. Let's just put ten WR out there and let Colt find his own way.

3rd and 5, expect some fake here. OU can't move the ball without them at this time . . . delay of game. Faked everyone in the stadium. Well played, Wilson.

Nope, straight dropback as Orakpo gets clotheslined and Kindle gets held. They aren't calling it so more power to OU. Punt upcoming.

We are taking shots deep. Great pass break up but I support trying that once per series. Good throw better D.

Colt is scrambling right every down, this time directly into the teeth of the blitz. It's like they knew he'd run that way or something. I don't think we'll score again this half. The pressure is on the defense to keep it close until something breaks.

End of the quarter. Out DTs are shredding their OL and our coverage got over it's early mental mistakes. They are going to have to roll Bradford a lot today, and I'm not sure why we aren't doing the same with Colt. And LEFT.

Good first quarter, but a lot of foreshadowing. I sensed 2001 (14-3 -- Double digit win punctuated by a late OU score to put it out of reach) coming in and I stick to that. However, if Texas can figure out a way to protect Colt or get some flukey TD someplace else it's anyone's game. We're the underdogs down 1-0 in a soccer game. We have to make something happen.

OU rolls every pass, guys are wide open. We don't know what we're doing right now. Easy TD that might have just ended the game. Can Texas hit 17 today? Can they sort out the no huddle with all the movement? I don't think so.

Well, there's our fluke. Thanks, Ghost.

spit and tears says below: "Greg Davis is calling a shitty game. We are doing nothing to exploit their defense’s aggressiveness." I wonder what it's like to trust your coaches. Let's find out as the defense comes back on.

Thank freaking Gosh someone told Orakpo how to use his strength. Quick screen gets back 15. They execute so well.

Uhh . . . 21-10.

They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman. They are only freshman.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far. OU is sticking to the basics and we are pulling Palins all over the field. I'm really surprised at the level and volume of these mistakes though. This is Florida Atlantic again, except we can't run down OU from behind.

I've got to say, I'm surprised running east/west isn't working. It's been money in the past.

The offense found a rhythm, except for Chris O's pass blocking lead block on the QB draw. A TD here would be huge. Huge.

As I type that another run is bounced outside for no gain. Greg Davis has the self-awareness of Buster Bluth.

Brandon Jackson is getting uppity. Keeps going for the ball and failing to account for all the grass behind Quan.

Fantastic drive ends in a TD by Cody Johnson. It was a pitch that was swarmed, but Roy Miller's awesome block and Johnson's power got it in. We can do that all day. If you spread OU out, there will be gaps in that zone . . . like every season over the last decade or so.

Huge hit on Bradford (Kindle)and Earl Thomas makes a great pick on the overthrow. Good defense is motherfucking invigorating. I want to go outside and tackle the mailman.


Colt sacked, my blood pressure is down from oil rig to water gun. Colt draws the 167th roughing penalty of his career to save the drive and give us a legit shot at going into halftime with a lead. He also earned an Emmy nomination for "Best Acting in a Sports Drama."

Horrible execution after the penalty and we'll have to settle for a FG. Disappointing to be sure, but this could be a lot worse.

My halftime thoughts? Really proud of the guys for hanging tough, really, really proud of Quan shoving every negative thing anyone here said about him right back into our big dumb faces, and I am getting visibly excited about watching this defense continue to improve. Back in 15 minutes.

well I missed Texas' opening series, but it's 4th and ten so I guess I didn't miss anything. OU just sprung a 40 yard screen, something they do as well as anyone I've ever seen, and are in the red zone. Momentum shifts are giving me a headache.

In the most unsurprising call of all time, OU runs a screen on 3rd and ten and scores easily. I announced out loud that it was coming, so you'd think someone on our team should've been ready. It's practically bread and butter for them. Inexcusable lapse by the defense. 28-20 and we can't quite get over that hump . . . just like I said would happen!

A zone handoff loses 4 yards on 2nd and 4 and I am this close to going down to the Bellmont parking lot Monday night and keying Davis's car.

Finally a big run play thanks to 6 dominating blocks. Just great execution all around. Fozzy scores on that, btw.

Someone is going to have to get Huckleberry to write about this clutch ass team we have. Constant big plays when they are needed. We're down by two and should go for the tie, but can you really argue against the XP? That's a real question. What's the play there?

Our defense reminds me of 2006. Stout run defense that gives up way too many big plays through the air.

Worst. Roughing call. Ever.

And that was grounding.

"Orakpo" is getting close to "Quan" is being shorthand for awesome. That sack will end up forcing a punt and we once again have a chance to change this game around. Also, my heart is starting to thump and I can't type because my hands are shaking . . . fake? It's short . . . I think I just shit a kidney.

Fuckin' A Curtis Brown. Way to keep after that. Easy first down if he doesn't catch the punter. They'll review it but I think it'll stand.

Colt is a shoe-in for that Emmy.

Ball at the 20, and this is a moment in the game where your playmaker icons start flashing. Who steps up? Horrible horrible horrible call. Horrible execution. WTF. Awful. That is Jamaal's fumble all over again.

OK, that was incomplete, but still. A missed defensive holding, a bad pass . . Jesus Crispy Christ. Anyway, we're winning right now. Motherfuckers.

In DVR slow-mo that looked like a catch. But the ball popped out when he fell down, after the knee hit, and it reminds me of Kelson's Rose Bowl non-INT. Is the ruling the same? He definitely had control when his knee hit.

I would felate an old hobo for a stop right here.

Blake Gideon is our Jaxson Appel. Going to lead the team in tackles after 8 yard gains.

Is Rashard Mendenhall really that good? What is up with Illinois? Michigan is also down to Toledo in the 4th.

Anyway, end of the third and whatever happens, I'm happy with today. My friend just realized he was beginning to wonder what Texas' ranking will be if they win, meaning we now have hopes that will be crushed by the inevitable defeat.

We just stopped a screen on 3rd and 7. I just had a revelatory moment much like our first conversion of a 3rd and 4 running play against Arkansas in 2004. Man I hope William sticks around one more year.

Roughing the kicker. Mother fucking fucker. That kicker flopped and faked injury like a soccer player. Horrible. I guess we're even for those Colt calls now. He visibly remembers to act. 14 yard run and I might melt my couch with rage.

Two missed tackles takes a 6 yard loss to a 5 yard gain. I am hating life right now. More missed tackles, first down. This better be holding. It is. I'm trying to figure out how to put this pin back in the grenade I am holding now. Now they need to make up the other 15 they missed.

First down. We're going to lose because a punter faked an injury. I would bet my life savings that EoT will have a 6,000 word section on the officials in GB&U tomorrow, and for once it would be well deserved.

I just noticed on the replay that Knoll didn't even clutch the correct knee during his performance.

Anyone who saw season 4 of The Wire remembers the scene in which Chris beat Michael's deadbeat father into an unrecognizable pulp. I am going to do that to a homeless person tonight if we lose because of Knoll.

OU had 1 guy to cover 3 WRs on that 2nd and 1 and we nearly lots 4 yards running it. Not much you can do about that before the snap, but we have automatic calls, I thought. In other news Chris O is a good little player. I wish every single running back we have didn't try to bulk up for his soph./junior years before realizing you can't outgrow your natural girth.

Watching both teams run the jailbreak is like watching me try to out-throw Joba Chamberlain.

In other news, quan Cosby just put Lendy Holmes vertical in mid-air with a block. If I were holding a basketball I could've dunked with how high I got right then.

During the review, please let me appreciate Jordan and Quan. Guys, I love you.

TD, and the men in white believe in themselves now. You can see it. If they win it will be that play + Quan's block. There is a 70% chance OU goes three and out after this converstion attempt.

Fucking hell Quan, quit showing off. I need a cold shower.

This game is already ranks #2 in EA Sports All-Time Greatest Games. If the MNC were awarded for this, it would have a shot at #1. This is also the best Texas/OU game I've ever seen. The overtime game that OU won in 1996 (?) doesn't count because two mediocre teams can't be the greatest anything.

Big 3rd and 3. Play fake rollout coming. Nope, but they do throw and it's tipped!

!!!!!!! Blake Gideon finally made a quasi-legal play.

OK, watch for the fake, guys?

OK, Texas ball, up by 3, 6 and a half to go. This drive will define our season. I'm not going to live blog this because nobody cares and I have more important things to do. See you in 273 seconds


Bill Walsh said that pass rush late in the game is the most important quality a team can have. The Cowboys are able to turn it on late, and so can we. Kindle just cut Bradford in half. Bomar'd him.

Great call on 3rd and long on a QB draw to make it a manageable 4th down. Just don't give up 6.

Game. Game motherfuckers. HenryJames: "where's teh crying sooner kid?" He's in our comments section ; )

I'm ending this here. Congrats, guys.

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