Texas Football Mid-Camp Report: Special Teams

Don't sleep on special teams. If we want to repeat as Big 12 Champions, they'll need to be elite. Our ability to dominate them is one of the primary, if quiet, reasons we've gone 25-2 over the last two years.

Great options at all of the return positions. The best in the Brown era.

Kickoff returns -

It will be Marquise Goodwin and DJ Monroe. Christian Scott and Aaron Williams are KOR team #2. With Goodwin and Monroe, no one will be able to kick away from our primary returner. You're either kicking to a 10.3 100 meter guy. Or a 10.3 100 meter guy. Enjoy.

Something tells me we're going to start a lot of possessions on the 40.

Punt returns

A battle between Curtis Brown and Aaron Williams.

Why no DJ Monroe? Bad hands. It's a lot easier to field kick offs than punts and if you muff it, there's still plenty of time to recover. Not so punts.

Why not Marquise? Not a natural punt returner, apparently.

DeSean Hales is also a possibility, but there is some fear that he will break in half.

I like Curtis Brown as I think his quickness and running style is a good approximation of what Aaron Ross gave us in the return game. However, that does take him from the gunner job, at which he rules.

Inevitably someone raises the question about playing key starters here. We're trying to win games. That's why guys like Vasher, Ross, and Shipley returned kicks for us.

If you prefer the days of a Courtnee Garcia fair catch, raise your hand...


John Gold is punting well and freshman Will Russ has a huge leg. He can help us with kicking or punting.


Justin Tucker has missed once in preseason and the coaches have been impressed by his accuracy and strength. You don't know what a field goal kicker has until you get them in game situations, so we'll see. He's also handling kickoff duties and consistently getting it into the paint.

Coverage teams

My logical guess for core cover guys would be:

Kenny Vaccaro
Christian Scott
Nolan Brewster
Patrick Nkwopara
Ryan Roberson

Vondrell McGee would be good at it if he bought in.

I like these freshmen as possible contributors as well:

Jordan Hicks
Adrian Phillips
Carrington Byndom
Tevin Jackson
Aaron Benson
Traylon Shead
AJ White
Demarco Cobbs

I'd think I'd like to see Reggie Wilson cover a kick for the sheer terror of it.

I'm always amused that we'll spend hours debating a fat freshman RB who can't impact the game while little or no time is devoted to discussing the part of the game that has decided so many of our most triumphant victories.

Consider this is a small attempt at alleviating that.

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