Arlington Martin RB Kyle Hicks Commits to Texas


Earlier on Saturday afternoon, while Texas basketball was doing their best job to make Kieton Page look like Dennis Clemente, and while Brooks Marlow stated his claim at 2nd base by going yard twice against future first rounder and Pre-Season All American Marcus Stroman, a RB from Arlington Martin became the 5th commitment for the 2013 class. Hicks, who recently received his offer to Texas last Sunday, decided to end his recruitment early, committing to Texas stating it was too good of a chance to pass up. Indeed it was, and he'll certainly do well here.

Kyle Hix Kyle Hicks first came on the SBN recruiting scene after the Gamebreakers 7-on-7 Tournament last year, and billfromlaketravis gave his report over on BON about how well he looked at CB and the slot, and also how he projects as an all around athlete. Freddy Foreshadowing below:

What jumped out at me about Hicks physically is his frame and height. Hicks is every bit of 5'11," and could be pushing 6 feet. Hicks is ripped, but he has plenty of room to grow. Hicks looked to be around 175 pounds, but he could easily carry 200 pounds of solid muscle mass. Hicks has said in interviews that he runs between 4.4 and 4.5 40, and that time appeared legitimate in the Tournament.

Hicks was the best player on the field at the Game Breakers tournament, and I came away impressed. I expect a big year for Hicks at running back for Arlington Martin, but I would also like to see him spend time at corner. Texas is an early favorite of Hicks, and hopefully he'll get more looks from the Texas coaching staff.

Hicks did not attend either Texas camp in June. It is unknown if Hicks received an invitation to the June 12th summer camp. Hicks will likely need a strong 2011 season to receive a Junior Day invitation from Texas. Hicks could be one to watch during the 2012 spring evaluation period.

Like BLFT stated, Hicks is a physical freak. His vision is absolutely excellent, and his ability to make that initial cut and get upfield while maintaining good balance is incredible for someone after only one year as primarily a running back. He reminds me of a mix between Jonathan Gray and Fozzy Whittaker in the sense that he's built like both, and their running styles' are very similar. Obviously he doesn't have elite explosion like Fozzy did, nor the elite vision and balance like Gray, but he's not far off in either category. Make no mistake, Kyle Hicks is elite, and this will only become more apparent as the year progresses. That makes 4 stud running backs that Major Applewhite has recruited in the past 2.5 years.

And people said he couldn't recruit...

Be excellent to each other.

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