Adrian Colbert Is Going To Wreck Shop Here

I latched on to Mineral Wells safety Adrian Colbert right away as an undervalued asset when I started doing due diligence after learning of his commitment back in December - eventually deciding that he's probably a mitochondrial freak - and I'm still not sure we're all aware of just how good he can be at Texas. If the kid had played his high school ball in metro Houston or Dallas, he'd be all over the national lists.

Then I came across this story on ShaggyBevo linking to the local rag in Decatur, Texas about the local 7-3A district track meet.

In the fall, Adrian Colbert made the jaws drop of Decatur fans and players with his moves as he found the end zone three times in the first half three different ways. With University of Texas scouts in attendance, the Mineral Wells triple threat receiver and defensive back scored touchdowns on a long run, long reception and by dashing 88 yards on a kick-off return.

The story goes on to mention that the defending state 400 meter champion Colbert won the 7-3A district title in the 200 (21.47) and the 400 (49.58) - notice his 200 times are getting better and his 400 is plateauing as his body grows - but what he did after the event is what caught my attention. Make the jump for the goods.

But it was Colbert’s surprising final move Thursday at the Mineral Wells track that will serve as a lasting and enduring image of him.

With athletes from the Decatur boys and girls teams huddled near the track awaiting the spoils of their victories, the future Longhorn in his brilliant yellow shoes stepped up in front of the group and got their attention.

With eloquence and sincerity, he began to speak to the Eagles and Lady Eagles.

"I want to thank you for the competition the last two years," Colbert said.

He told them that helped drive him to be better. He also congratulated them on their victory and for culturing the key ingredient to their win.

"Y’all are a big family," he said. "That’s what we want to be here."

With his words, a collective "awe" was uttered from Decatur athletes.

Then with unison they began chanting, "Adrian" and giving him the "Hook’em Horns."

"This is the first time in my life, I’ve done a ‘Hook’em sign,’ said Taylor Clayton, the son of an Aggie.

After posing for a few pictures with Decatur athletes, Colbert ran back to join his teammates.

Definitely a classy move, but the applicable takeaway for our purposes is maturity and competitiveness.

Now that we're recruiting the right material at Texas from an ability standpoint again and coaching and developing them when they get here, the most likely sabotage of our recruit's potential isn't external - it's internal.

I don't think Colbert is going to mine his own harbors. Do you?

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