In recent news of Aggy ineptitude...

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The Ags are no longer on the schedule, but that won't stop us from laughing at their bumbling antics. When it comes to Aggy ineptitude, Barking Carnival celebrates the entire catalog.

And, trust us when we assure you that the Ags' departure for the $EC will only increase the frequency and magnitude of Aggy blunders. Some recent cases-in-point:

Is it too late to cancel those hotel rooms in Chapel Hill?

There is no classier way to celebrate an important milestone than issuing a commemorative t-shirt.


Okay, I stand corrected. But that's beside the point. The Aggies chose to announce their initiation into the Southeastern Conference with a t-shirt, and it is a glorious, 100% pre-shrunk cotton monument to Aggy dipshittery. Unbeknownst to the Aggies, the state of North Carolina is not home to any SEC member institutions. Missouri is, though you won't find it on the t-shirt's map. Maybe the Ags are still bitter about the Tallmadge Amendment?

The possible return of Jackie Sherrill

The Aggy Athletic Department has had an impressive run of late. A&M's basketball and non-revenue sports have excelled in recent years, including national championships in non-meat judging sports such as women's basketball and women's track. But the Aggies can't seem to get their once-proud football program back to the level of their 1980s glory days. So, heads must roll in the AD's office.

Hiring from the outside didn't work last time. Why not bring back the cheating liar whose cheating and lies built A&M into a regional dynasty ...and eventually brought shame and a decade-and-a-half of unyielding mediocrity to the program?

According to people adept at twittering, Twitter is all atwitter with rumors that Jackie Sherrill will replace Bill Byrne as Texas A&M's Athletic Director. Let's see... A&M moves to the dirtiest conference in college athletics, and then courts its disgraced former coach to replace its goofy (but by all reports, honest and above-board) Athletic Director. Do you suppose the Ags intend to cheat their way back to glory?

Naaaah. They'd never stoop that low.

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