It's NFL Draft Week, and BC Has You Covered


Barking Carnival is your one-stop shop for all the NFL draft news you can use.

One of the reasons that the NFL is the envy of every other American sports league is its ability to stoke fans' fires even when games aren't in session. The pinnacle of the league's offseason hooplah, the NFL Draft, is finally upon us, and here at Barking Carnival we'll bring you everything you need to know to wow your friends and impress the ladies with an avalanche of draft knowledge. All of this knowledge may prove comically wrong once these prospects actually step on the field with NFL veterans, but we won't have to worry about that for months now.

Tuesday will see an up-to-the-minute review of the offseason for both the Cowboys and Texans, a look at their likely draft strategies and some picks to watch for with their early and late-round selections.

Wednesday we'll post the final BC Mock Draft, telling you who should go where and putting our prognosticatory powers out there to receive praise and adulation or scorn/derision as appropriate. We'll also take a look at the draft prospects of our beloved Longhorns and speculate on some likely landing spots for each.

Thursday and Friday you can follow along for a live blog of all the draft action as it happens, with instant overreactions and scathing invective for every NFL GM that dares deviate from the BC Big Board.

Saturday you can follow me over to, where I'll be live-blogging Rounds 4-7.

If you want a little skin in the draft game, head over to and create a draft fund for yourself. Each player has a value like a stock in the market, which fluctuates as they are bought and sold and which pays off based on the spot where they're ultimately drafted. It really does make Rounds 1-3 pretty entertaining, and if you finish high enough you'll actually get a call from Mel Kiper Jr. to talk about your draft strategy. He actually does call - I finished in the Top 15 last year and got to chat with him - very cool guy. Maybe you can coax him into dropping an F-bomb while discussing Todd McShay.

That's what's on the docket this week - look forward to everyone's thoughts and hot sports opinions as the draft gets rolling.

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