Bevel vs. Bevo: Which Will Be A Bigger Rival?

I enjoyed Scipio's reporting on the Fighting DeLosses taking the final Taco Bell Gong Lone Star Showcase Showdown. This is a nice coda to all of this silliness and many of the sensible ags with graphic design backgrounds have moved on and identified a new rival.

Meet Bevel.



Apparently, this logo has really infuriated some ags. So impassioned have they become, it has forced the creation of a new society.

The Society For A Bevel-Free Aggieland.

Back in the late 1990s bevels were somewhat of a fad and schools like Texas Tech came out and beveled their logos. Most Aggies weren't surprised that Tech did this…it sort of went with their sparkle black bass boat-themed helmets. Most of us were surprised when about a year later in 1999 Texas A&M followed Tech and came out with the Bevel T. Apparently RC Slocum wanted more emphasis on the "T" and an artist at Nike designed the Bevel T logo. The only good thing about this awful logo is that it never made it onto the helmets. The Aggie Joke in all of this was that Tech's bevel is correct; Texas A&M's Bevel T has been a mess from the very beginning.

That's exactly what I remember about the 90s. The bevel fad. I blame it on Ecstasy and raves. Also, if you could have been a fly on the wall when RC Slocum was doing fashion stuff... Man, the mind reels.



Suffice to say these folks are asking the big questions.

The Bevel T highlights don't make any sense. Texas A&M's primary mark is incorrect. Where the vertical center highlight almost touches the horizontal highlight towards the center of the top of the T a bevel with a triangular peak or ridge is suggested. At the bottom right of the T the trapezoid-shaped highlight indicates a flat surface for that bevel. There are also several highlights missing. If the T has a bevel shouldn't the A and M have one also?

Fair question, in my opinion.

56 people have signed the petition. Some of the remarks are telling.

C.N.I Atlanta, GA I support the removal of the bevel! When I come for my first SEC game in College Station all the bevels better be gone or I will straight urinate my urine on every bevel I see.
Jeremy D. Dallas, TX Let's not use the cheesy bevel in the SEC...none of the SEC schools use that kind of stuff.

Clearly this is some sort of elaborate prank. Or not. They are Aggies, you can never be sure. Either way, I enjoyed reading about it. Thanks to Steven Godfrey and SBN Houston for the find.

Be excellent to each other.

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