Son of Jones Top Ten Week 3

The season has begun to roll. For the first two weeks we are treated to a jumbled mess of FCS teams, overrated old-school powerhouses, and perfect-season-ending upsets. We try and find ways to see into the future, we really want to know how good our team actually is, but the truth isn’t revealed until the Ws and Ls add up to 12, and even then the musings are difficult to justify. Sometimes it’s better to sit back and enjoy the sport, with friends, family, or thousands of equally well-dressed strangers on a beautiful day on a beautiful campus on a Saturday fall afternoon. Sometimes you have to let everything go and just watch some football.

Texas 66 – Ole Miss 31

Texas played hopefully their worst defensive game of the season, and beat Ole Miss by 35 on the road. The exuding classiness of Mack Brown saved the Rebels from a 73 point embarrassment, and, as I might suspect, saved the closing of a business deal in a luxury box in Oxford between a Longhorn and a Rebel. Thanks, Mack.

I guess I’m supposed to be impressed by Alabama beating Arkansas 52-0. Bama’s offense didn’t need to prove much, as their D held the Razorbacks to 137 yards. The Crimson Tide still had 7 penalties for 74 yards to Arkansas’ 1 for 6. If Arkansas is any good, say 8-4, then this is a statement win. If Arkansas is heading for a self-destructing season, say 5-7, then this is business as usual for the Tide.

Stanford has beaten USC four years in a row now. Matt Barkley has never beaten the Cardinal, and he will need to beat every team remaining on the schedule for USC to have a shot at a BCS bid.

Oregon passed for 328 and ran for 324. Tennessee Tech scored 14 points so it wasn’t really a close game. This is the best offense in college football. Easily.

LSU beat Idaho 63-14. Cool. When do they play a real football team? I can’t wait.

Florida State beat the holy hell out of poor Wake Forest. The ‘Noles did their best Bama impersonation winning 52-0 (it was 38-0 in the first half), but it could have been much worse as the total yardage was 612 to 126. You know what the sad part about this is? Wake Forest might be better than Arkansas. Louisiana Monroe is better than both of them.

Just ask Auburn, who needed a missed field goal to beat the Warhawks, 31-28.

Georgia got off to a slow start AGAIN beating Fla Atl 56-20 after a 28-14 first half. The Dawgs are a top 5 team if they would start playing like they do after 30 minutes for a full 60.

South Carolina had a sloppy 49-6 win over UAB, as far as 49-6 wins go. The Gamecocks gave up nearly 300 yards of offense and Connor Shaw left the game in the 2nd quarter with a shoulder injury. I still maintain that South Carolina is criminally overrated at 7th in the country.

West Virginia scored 21 points in the first quarter against James Madison, then apparently got bored as they scored 3 more TDs the rest of the game and gave up a safety. The Mountaineers defense will need to prove itself when WVU starts playing real opponents; James Madison had 300 yards of offense. Geno Smith is now a Heisman frontrunner, by the way.

Notre Dame’s defense put on a clinic on the road against Michigan State, and the Fighting Irish scored a couple of touchdowns to beat the Spartans 20-3. Looking at Notre Dame’s schedule I see a weak Michigan team, Oklahoma and USC who are both upsetable, and a (now) tough matchup with Stanford. Don’t tell the media (oops, they found out. The Irish are #11 in the country), but if this team gets better as the season goes on they have a fighter’s chance at making a BCS bowl.

Clemson beat Furman 41-7 (no, they aren’t an FBS team), but only outgained the Paladins (new favorite college mascot) 498 to 352. With Florida State’s walk-of-shame inducing win over Wake following K States drubbing of Miami, I’m not liking your shot at being a legitimate BCS team, Pawprint-tigers.

Ohio State almost let Cal beat them at home, and Cal would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids if they didn’t miss 3 field goals. While Ohio State is most likely the best team in the Big-10 they are very beatable (cough, cough, Michigan State).

Virginia Tech didn’t show up against Pitt, who beat the Hokies 35-17. Sooo… I guess they weren’t the 13th best team in the country? If FSU doesn’t pan out the ACC is going to have a rough year.

Kansas State stumbled through a 35-21 win over North Texas. The Mean Green went for a 2pt conversion in the 4th quarter to make the final a 2 score game, so at least for the rest of the season North Texas fans can say "Hey, we’re better than Miami!".

TCU wasn’t aware of the rules in the Big 12 and only beat Kansas 20-6. Bob Stoops called Gary Patterson after the game and said, "Look, we appreciate the classiness you’re bringing into the Big 12, we really do. But it’s okay if you want to run it up against the Jayhawks. They’ll return the favor on the hardwood."

Michigan scored 63 points against the University of Massachusetts, who is apparently an FBS team? Denard Robinson threw for 290 and ran for 100, so I guess he isn’t going to give up his Heisman bid without a fight.

Florida played a brilliant second half and beat Tennessee for the 8th straight year, 37-20. The Gators are at least a year away from returning to the SEC title game, but LSU, Georgia and FSU will have their hands full against this squad.

Louisville looked like they were easily handling UNC in the first half, winning 36-7 at the end of the 2nd quarter, but Carolina held the Cardinals to 3 points in the 2nd half and scored 20 in the fourth quarter to make it interesting. If Louisville wins their BCS bowl then something has gone horribly wrong in another conference.

UCLA gained the PAC 12 some notoriety, beating Houston 37-6 and staying alive in the top 25. Arizona beat South Carolina State 56-0 and gets to hang out with the Bruins in the AP 20-25 club.

BYU suffered an "upset" to Utah, missing 2 last second field goals in an effort to take it to overtime. Remember when Utah beat Alabama in the 2009 Sugar Bowl and went 13-0 on the season? That was fun; someone should do that this year. Unfortunately, the Utes are 2-1, and Boise State is 1-1. Oh well.

Impressive showing of the week: Notre Dame, for giving their fans the possibility of maybe, and for adding further misery to the Big 10’s season. Stanford was pretty good too.

1. Florida State- oops I meant to type Alabama. They’re the best team in the country right? Followed by LSU, then Georgia and South Carolina, then Florida.

2. LSU- has a more complete team than the Crimson Tide, and they get them at home this year.

3. Alabama- there’s nothing wrong with being the third best team in the country. No really, there isn’t.

4. Oregon- is now the best team in the Pac 12. Unless they lose to Stanford. The Pac 12 could easily suffer a Big 12 ’08 strain of beateachotheritis if the Ducks get upset by USC and then beat the Cardinal.

5. Georgia- has the potential to be a world-beater; and they only need to bring it against 3 opponents to have a shot at the title game.

6. Kansas State- I haven’t forgotten about your performance last week, Wildcats.

7. Texas- I’d like to think the Horns can figure it out on defense, and their offense is only getting better.

8. Oklahoma- still has things to prove, none of which they covered by not playing this week.

9. USC- didn’t magically lose all of their first string players, and they are still much more dynamic than Stanford.

10. Notre Dame- Should I rank Notre Dame as the 10th best team in the country? No probably not, but I think they are. If you like the Big 10 (first of all, sorry, many condolences and please seek counseling if you are feeling emotionally unstable) give Ohio State the 10th spot, if you like the SEC, South Carolina, if you want Clemson to upset FSU then the Pawprint-tigers can fit the bill, and if you are more homeristic and optimistic about the Big 12 than I am, then West Virginia it is.

Be excellent to each other.

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