Son of Jones Top Ten Week 1

Being the new kid at school is tough. You are thrust into a foreign environment, unaware of your surroundings, unfamiliar with gossip, unacquainted with the student body, unaccustomed to daily happenings. You try and get through the first few weeks unheralded, staying low, finding a quiet place to eat lunch, being polite, not standing out in class, wearing conservative clothes, but at some point you yearn for being noticed, achieving some degree of social standing, and knowing what it's like to be popular. Your friends you've left behind suddenly seem like an afterthought, maybe you're in a better place now, maybe they were never that great, they didn't know what it was to be "cool". You think you might like this new place, have some fun, become someone better, take it with you as a part of your past life when you move on. When it works out, it can be exciting, it can give you a new-found sense of self confidence, a swagger you thought you didn't possess, perhaps even a feeling that you are on top of the world.

West Virginia 69 - Marshall 34

But sometimes, the cute girl you've had a crush on since the first day when you were a nobody, who you think finally might give you a shot, runs off with the Varsity football star and you are thrust back down to earth. Because sometimes that's what life is all about, learning that there is so much more to achieve when it seems as if everything is perfect.

Oklahoma State 84 - Savannah State 0

Jones Top Ten - Week 1, 2012

West Virginia has scored 139 points in their last two college football games. Should the Big 12 be nervous? Maybe. The Mountaineers have also given up 67 in those two appearances. Offense wins championships, right?

Oklahoma State scored the most points of any team since 2000 and accomplished a shutout in the same game. So this leads me to either believe that Savannah State is a terrible football team or that Wes Lunt is the second coming of both Case Keenum and Jesus.

Wyoming was a freak 80 yard touchdown, late hit call, and Texas fumble away from the football equivalent of being lost in a foreign city, having it rain on you without a jacket, and then having your wallet stolen at gunpoint while you walk back to your hotel in disbelief (kind of like how most away teams feel against the SEC). Which, in case you were wondering, is when the #1 RB from the class of 2012 is getting garbage time carries. That being said, the Cowboys played tough and deserved the final score. They could win 9 games playing in the Mountain West this year (or, for you Southeasterners, 4.7 SEC games using the Saban-Miles standard conversion ratio).

Oklahoma made a fine mess of their season-opener, instantly giving me the assumption that the Sooners aren’t the best team in the Big 12 (calm down, they still might be). This game won’t matter if they win on Oct. 13th, but it certainly matters in the minds of OU coaches and players. It isn’t like Stoops to stumble in games like this, which should worry Sooner fans; especially with the hellish schedule they have after the RRR.

K-State whipped Missouri State 51-9, although somehow only outgained the Bears 493-418. I suspect this to be an optical illusion by BIll Snyder, who I, in turn, suspect is a wizard from the land of Oz who landed in Kansas and started coaching football.

Stanford maintains Dark Horse labeling after winning by 3 against San Diego State.

So does South Carolina, who, in an unbiased or reasonable person’s opinion, should have showed their undeserving of being ranked ninth in the country. However, this is the SEC, and instead of Southeasterners worrying about the Gamecocks we will be treated to babbling about: NOW LET ME TELL YA, THE VANDABILT COMMODOES IS A FINE FOOTBALL TEAM, IF THEY WASN'T PLAYIN AGINST THE GOD-GIVEN TALENTS OF THE SEC THEY'D BE A CONFERENCE CHAMPION. Except really they are about as good as Iowa State who...

...handled the Golden Hurricane well in a 38-23 win in the inaugural season-opening Natural Disaster Bowl. In another off week of a Big 12 contender the Cyclones are just as upset-worrisome as last year. Oklahoma State really was the third best team in the country.

Georgia let Buffalo score 23 points. They scored 45 of their own, but c'mon? Buffalo? They wouldn't gain any notoriety if they switched divisions. Any division.

Arkansas had a similar story, letting Jacksonville State post 24 on the board but outdoing the Dawgs by 3, winning by 25. And in case you were wondering, Tyler Wilson should easily be the best QB in the SEC this year.

The Flada' Gaytas enjoyed their #23 AP spot in a 27-13 win over Bowling Green. The Gator fans, I imagine, don't enjoy being ranked 23rd in the country. I'm putting the over/under for mediocre performances until Muschamp is called out at 4. This team isn't rebuilding, at least they shouldn't be.

Texas A&M had their opener against La. Tech postponed in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Aggie fans will now complain: SEC TEAMS PLAY RAIN OR SHINE, HURRICANE OR NO HURRICANE. THIS ISN'T SOME BLUE-SKY BIG 12 WEATHER DOWN HERE. Sadly, some Aggie somewhere will actually post this on a message board.

LSU left no questions unanswered in a 45-10 win over North Texas. Kenny Hilliard and Alfred Blue combined for 264 yards on 29 carries. Both of them posting a higher ypcarry than Mettenberger's ypcompletion, and that doesn't matter one bit in LSU's offensive strategy.

Clemson and Auburn played the best game of opening week, although I'm still mad that Vegas wouldn't let me bet on the Tigers to win (if you hear or read a worse joke today find some new friends and/or literature). Clemson pulled away late and justified their #14 AP ranking. Andre Ellington ran for 231 yards for the Pawprint-Tigers, and Tajh Boyd played well enough for me to discount him as a possible reason for why Clemson won't win the ACC. Austin High graduate Emory Blake had 104 yards and a TD on four catches for the Eagle-Tigers, igniting my hopes for this season that a Maroon will land in the NFL.

Florida State kicked off the ball to start their first game of the season, smothered a poor Murray State return man at the 9 yard line, forced an incompletion, gave up a 3 yard rush, sacked the Racers back to their own 3 yard line and took the ensuing 44 yard punt to the house. Do you think it was a close game from there? Me neither. 'Noles 69-3.

Michigan State ended Boise State's BCS dreams before they began, 17-13 Spartans. Sooners fans rejoice.

Ohio State (or should I say Urban Meyer) looked like the best team in the Big 10 in a 56-10 statement win over Ohio Miami. That is, if you think Houston shouldn't be a relevant BCS team, if you do, then Nebraska's 49-20 romp over Southern Miss takes the cake. Whatever you think, Wisconsins 26-21 stumble over Northern Iowa was anything but impressive. I think the ninth seeded UNI squad that beat Kansas in the Men's basketball tournament might have upset the Badgers.

USC doesn't let Hawaii practice at their stadium then goes for 2 after they miss an extra point, because anything seen as less than perfect is frowned upon in Southern California. Including football teams. USC won the first half 35-0, conservatively finishing the game 49-10.

As I'm writing this, Orgeon is beating Arkansas State 50-13 with 4:31 to go in the 3rd. Oregon hasn't scored since the first half, maybe they are giving the push-up Duck (that's his name right?) some reps off or maybe they are seeing if Arkansas State can get it close enough to warrant scoring more points at will. Arkansas State won't, and watching the 4th quarter of this game will not tell me anything about the Ducks I already don't know. If you want to know what the final score was, feel free to look it up, but I know it was a lot to a little.

The Fighting Irish whipped the Midshipmen 50-10 in the homeland. The (real) Irish perhaps had something to do with the final score, but Notre Dame is not a bad team.

College Gameday

Alabama looked like the best team in the country for a second straight year until Michigan calmed down the Crimson Tide and at least saved some dignity in a 41-14 loss. Denard Robinson went 11-26 for 1 TD and 2 picks, but a great Bama defense masked a pretty lackluster performance by AJ McCarron throwing against a Michigan D that was getting torched by any Bama skill position player wearing pads. In the season preview, I thought that Bama would struggle finding receivers and play-makers in the backfield, whereas after 1 game, if I was a Tide fan, I would be more worried about McCarron throwing 11-21 against Michigan when LSU is on the schedule; Alabama also went 2-9 on third down and had 7 penalties for 55 yards. Michigan even without Fitz Toussaint exposed some issues for the defending champs and with statement performances by Oregon, USC, Fla. State, and the Big 12 this is not going to be an easy title to defend for the SEC, especially for the Crimson Tide.

Impressive Showing of the Week: I wrote Oklahoma State under "Not Buying" in the season preview. While I still won't take anything from a football game involving Savannah State, 84-0 is pretty damn impressive no matter who you're playing.

1. USC

2. Florida State- doesn't have Matt Barkley at the helm.

3. LSU- didn't get any worse on defense and will make a habit of running the ball down the SEC's throats.

4. Oregon- scored the easiest 50 points I've maybe ever seen, and their defense is better than okay.

5. Alabama- shockingly could've had a more impressive win over Michigan. There's something about this team that doesn't feel right.

6. Georgia- needs to shake off a bad first first half of the season. Aaron Murray is a player and their defense will fare better when AP-rating nerves have subsided.

7. Arkansas- has a diamond in the rough in Tyler WIlson, and hopefully their first game will be considered sloppy as the season progresses.

8. Ohio State- may not be playing for anything, but they can, and already have, let everyone know who the best team in the Big 10 is this year.

9. Texas- is almost a couple of spots higher, but David Ash still has too much to prove.

10. Clemson- started off their season with an SEC win on the road, and while Virginia Tech hasn't played yet I would like to assume the Pawprint-Tigers are the second best team in the ACC.

11. Second Best Team in the Big 10/Big 12

I will be omitting Virginia Tech and Louisville this week. Va Tech will be covered next week since they play on a Monday, Louisville will not be covered because they are playing on a Sunday and college football teams shouldn't play games on Sundays. Sorry Cardinals, it's probably not your fault, but someone needs to stand up for this nonsense.

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Be excellent to each other.

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