Texas Baseball Loses TCU series; Finishes Last In Big 12

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE

The Horns lose every conference series on their way to a historically inept season.

The Longhorn lost their last conference series of the year to TCU this weekend (1-5, 3-9, 3-0), finishing the season dead last in the league, ineligible for the conference tournament, and having set a new standard in offensive futility.

Texas hasn't seen baseball this bad since 1997 and 1998 - understandable in Augie's transition from Cliff Gustafson - but then you have to go back fifty seven years to 1956 and Bibb Falk to find another blip that's comparable. To call this historically bad baseball is not hyperbole.

Big12 Overall
Team Record Pct Home Away Neutral Streak Record Pct Home Away Neutral Streak
Kansas State 16-8 .667 9-3 7-5 0-0 L1 39-16 .709 24-7 12-8 3-1 L1
Oklahoma State 13-10 .565 7-4 4-5 2-1 L1 39-14 .736 24-7 8-6 7-1 L1
Oklahoma 13-11 .542 7-2 5-7 1-2 W1 36-19 .655 25-6 8-10 3-3 W1
West Virginia 13-11 .542 8-4 5-7 0-0 W1 31-25 .554 15-5 12-14 4-6 W1
Baylor 12-11 .522 9-3 3-8 0-0 W1 27-25 .519 17-10 6-14 4-1 W1
Kansas 12-12 .500 7-5 5-7 0-0 L3 31-22 .585 17-6 8-12 6-4 L4
TCU 12-12 .500 7-5 5-7 0-0 L1 28-26 .519 16-14 11-12 1-0 L1
Texas Tech 9-15 .375 5-7 4-8 0-0 L1 25-28 .472 19-10 6-16 0-2 L1
Texas 7-17 .292 4-8 3-9 0-0 W1 27-24 .529 22-10 5-14 0-0 W1

Texas finishes a full two games behind second-to-last Texas Tech in a depleted Big 12, despite finishing 1st in team pitching compared to the league over the course of the entire season (2.63 season ERA), first in opponent batting average (an excellent .226), and fielding, well, adequately.

The culprit for failure was an anemic Longhorn offense, which hits neither for frequency or bases (a pathetic .341 on base percentage), power (12 total team home runs, .346 slugging percentage), or even in timely (read: lucky) support of Texas pitching.

Remarkably, the Longhorns were 1-17 when trailing after six innings (but 23-2 when leading). That doesn't inspire a hopeful bullpen.

There are now legitimate questions as to whether the legendary Augie Garrido, now 74 years old, has the flexibility and energy required to restore Texas baseball to prominence.

A prominence he did a great deal to strengthen.

Hook 'em.

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