What would YOU like to see on LHN? Poll Included!

Lately I have noticed quite a bit of repeat programming on The Longhorn Network, probably due to offseason of football and basketball. I would like to find creative ways for ESPN and LHN to fill some of that time with original programming and grow the brand and attract new audiences.

LHN and ESPN need to work out some sort of deal with the Circuit of the Americas to broadcast any events that are not being covered or broadcast on any other stations, F1, MotoGP, V8Supercar, LeMans, Indycar, etc. Race qualifiers, stunt/trick riders, practice rounds, Austin360 Amphitheater shows.... (X Games possibly?) The same could go with Frank Erwin Center events that are not currently broadcast anywhere else.

I would also like to see them sign some sort of deal with the local "Pro" teams. Express, Torros, and Stars all have plenty of content available but are hardly ever on TV. Maybe they could just start with games against Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana teams and expand from there. Player profiles would be cool as well, especially for RR as many of those players will soon be in the majors.

The Univerity of Texas System is more than just Austin, UTEP, UTSA, UTA, etc. would love to have games broadcast more often, lets meet those teams, players and coaches, get to know them, and watch their games.

How about highlight reels and recruiter breakdowns for recruits who have signed a LOI but have not been seen in a Texas uniform or in practice yet? What do the recruiters look for in the highlights/in person.

There should also be way more coverage of Texas Relays Weekend, if you have never witnessed this event it is AMAZING. Olympic Athletes, Pro, College, High School Stars all competing in various track and field events at elite levels.

I would also like to see more live coverage of the non big-3 sports. Particularly Golf and Tennis where UT tend to do especially well. Swimming and Diving, Track and Field, Rowing Crew, etc.

What about cheerleading/drill team practice? That would seem to interest a lot of sports fans.

How about a reality show based on dorm/frat/co-op life on campus? Or one about producing the Daily Texan student publication?

Also, when can they start broadcasting Texas summer football camps? And what about UIL events (playoffs, theater competitions, marching band competitions, etc.) There is also lots of club-sports activity they are missing out on. How about coverage of the Men's soccer club team, or lacrosse club? Our Quiddich team won the MNC for Pete's sake!

How about great lectures by the best professors in the university on interesting subjects? How about visiting lecturers? UT pays big money to have big people come in. I would like to see the best commencement speeches, etc. I would like to see the Young Republicans and Young Democrats debate issues as well.

I would like demand to see the Board of Regents meetings aired publicly (no more smoke filled back room dealmaking). Also CAMPO meetings or any conferences that take place on campus, student government meetings, etc.

OK that is my rant for the day.

What would you like to see The Longhorn Network Program Directors add to the lineup?

Be excellent to each other.

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