2014 Texas Football Recruiting: Armanti & D'onta Foreman Commit

The Texas City twins raise the Longhorn class to 21.

The 2014 Texas recruiting class may be done by August. As much as a result of Longhorn successes in landing their targets as by lack of interest by the state's ultra-elite.

But they landed at least one of the state's very best when they received an oral commitment from the Foreman brothers - Armanti and D'onta - bringing the Longhorn class to a nation-leading 21 commitments.

Armanti, a WR, and a former OU commit, is a four star recruit and the #128 overall prospect in the nation according to 24-7. His final decision was likely Aggies vs. Horns. He's the sixth WR taken in a class seemingly designed to address past Longhorn recruiting misses at the position with sheer volume. I think we also have a clearer picture as to where some of our current roster attrition will be focused.

Armanti is a fantastic get - and one of the Top 5 players in the Longhorn class. Armanti (5-11, 175) is widely considered the second best WR take in the state of Texas. I love him. He's extremely quick and very capable after the catch. He runs easy and has a natural gift for separation. He doesn't fight the ball.

He looks a lot like a young Kendall Wright.

D'onta (...you call him a package deal), is a somewhat unheralded RB (24-7 has him as the #78 recruit in the state) who could project to a number of positions in college, is 6-0, 215 pound (according to Texas camp weigh-in) with good measurables (claims a 4.48 40 at Longhorn camp). Though less coveted than his brother, he's certainly a legit FBS recruit. The question is where he's best used.

D'onta is a straight-up, straight-ahead runner with good natural power. But you won't confuse his cuts with Jonathan Gray. His primary highlights as a runner are either running through a tackler or a through a very large hole where he can gather momentum. He's not going to create his own cutback opportunity at the college level and his odds of being a feature back are slim.

His linebacker film, though spare, is intriguing and incredibly raw, mostly of the "see ball, attack" variety.

Most intriguing: D'onta is a gifted natural pass catcher and he operates well in the construct of a passing offense. If he's a willing blocker, and continues on his growth curve to a 230-240 pound athlete, he can be an asset as a future H-back type. That's probably his best projection if he doesn't take a shot at LB.

Welcome aboard, Foremans.

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