Shawn Watson introduced as Longhorn QB coach, OC yet to be named

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Shawn Watson, new Longhorn QB coach, not OC.

Per ESPN and Max Olson's Twitter machine.  Nice job, Max.

Watson had a solid reputation as a pure QB coach, even before nurturing Teddy Bridgewater into a spectacular career at Louisville.  If you can turn Nebraska's Joe Ganz into an effective college QB, you've got some baseline coaching ability.

Here's Dagga's outstanding breakdown of his resume:

Shawn Watson, Louisville OC


2011-pres. - - - Louisville (Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach)

2011 - - - Louisville (QB Coach)

2007–10 - - - Nebraska (Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach)

2006 - - - Nebraska (TE/Recruiting Coordinator)

2000–05 - - - Colorado (Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach)

1999 - - - Colorado (QB Coach)

1997–98 - - - Northwestern (QB Coach)

1994–96 - - - Southern Illinois (Head Coach)

1992–93 - - - Miami OH (QB Coach/Recruiting Coordinator)

1990–91 - - - Miami OH (WR Coach)

1987–89 - - - Miami OH (TE Coach)

1986 - - - Illinois (WR Coach)

1985 - - - Illinois (TE/OT Coach)

1983–84 - - - Illinois (Graduate Assistant)

1982 - - - Southern Illinois (Graduate Assistant)

1978-80 - - - Player, Illinois/Southern Illinois (FS)




  • Extensive QB and skill position coaching credentials.
  • Currently jobless and may be willing to accept co-coordination or position coach duties. And he seems like a nice enough guy.
  • Solid oral hygeine and he smells faintly of butterscotch.


  • Runs a slow-paced fairly traditional West Coast offense. Charlie Strong has now said twice, on the record and as a rehearsed talking point, that he wants to run fast tempo.
  • Has the airs of a kindler, gentler Mackovic. Not sure that will go over well with the fanbase.
  • Muschamp made him look downright awful, twice. And those were huuuuuge games for Nebraska.
  • Overall, his OC track record is one of general competence interspersed with episodes of suddenly lackluster production. To some extent he just had bad luck with his QB's. But on paper it's not a resume that shouts "Top Five candidate". Or even Top Twenty to be honest. an OC, Watson's just a guy. He'd be a much more valuable asset to Texas as a position coach, if we have the room

Watson only assumed OC duties at Louisville in the fourth game of 2011, after Strong was dissatisfied with the direction of his offense.  Could Strong be making an aggressive young hire with Watson as an option coming off of the bench if that OC doesn't get it done?

Looks like the Longhorns still have a shot at a compelling OC hire.

We'll get an announcement soon.

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