Texas Longhorns Recruiting Update: Part 3

In part 3 of my 3 part series, I am going to predict the final 2015 Texas Longhorns recruiting class.

QB: Zach Gentry, JW Ketcham. A solid quarterback class is exactly what Texas needs right now plus there 2 differant styles with Ketcham being a dual-threat and Gentry being a pocket passer giving QBs coach Shawn Watson options as to what he wants to do. Other possibilities are Quinton Dormandy or Ryan Agnew.

RB: Tristan Housten, Kirk Johnson, Jordan Stevenson, Chris Warren. Brown and Bergeron are both seniors and Gray isa junior, they really should reload at this position.

WR: John Burt, Ryan Newsome. Texas has taken 8 wide receivers the past 2 seasons, they can take a small class this season without having to worry about depth especially with these talented players. They also have a decent chance at landing Kemah Siverrand.

OL: Madison Akamanoi, Ronnie Major, Patrick Vahe, Toby Weatherbuy. Texas already has 3 4 star lineman in Vahe, Weathersbuy and Major. Adding Akamanoi to the mix would solidify this class as one of the countries best offensive line classes.

DL: Kingsley Keke, Devonte Lampkin, Takkarist Mckinney, Charles Omenihu. The defensive line has always been a strong point for the Longhorns but that may not be the case after this upcoming season. However, they also have a strong chance at DE James Lockhart which would make the future look a little better

LB: Camoran Townsend, Anthony Wheeler. Grabbing these two guys would be 2 great pickups for Vance Bedfords defense.

CB: Kris Boyd, Roney Elam, Holten Hill, Keivom Ramsey. The overrall strong point of this defensive class is the secondary. Although i dont think they will land Kendall Sheffield, landing these four would give Texas some much needed depth for years to come.

S: Deshon Elliott. A solid, fast and hard hitting safety would be a great thing for this Longhorns defense.

Overview: I wanted so badly to put LB Malik Jefferson and many other great players on this list, and i firmly believe that great play on the field would prove to recruits that Texas is truly back and would lure better players to Austin. So what do you guys think? Are you happy with this recruiting class? Do you disagree with a few players on this list? I want to hear your opinions.

Be excellent to each other.

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