College Football

2014 Football Preview Now Available on Apple


Thinking Texas Football is now available through Apple. Also, some quick thoughts on recommendations.

Josh Turner Remains With Team For Senior Season


Josh Turner is still with the team after a Monday meeting with Strong.

Terrible, terrible hair threatens Longhorn unity


Charlie Strong is forced to contend with the stupidest, most challenging challenge yet.

Vegas issues Big 12 title odds


Bovada speaks...

Three Longhorn players on thinnest of ice


And it's cracking.

#1 2015 LB In Nation Malik Jefferson Enjoyed Texas


Malik Jefferson had a great visit this weekend and that's great news for a Texas recruiting effort seeking a bell cow.

Buy 2014 Thinking Texas Football Now!


It's baaacck. And better than last year. The definitive 2014 Texas and Big 12 preview is here. 166 pages for $9.99. Buy it now.

Edmond, Hicks Cleared by NCAA


A little sunshine on Black Friday.

What The Hell Is Going On? Culture Change.


We shouldn't be surprised. He told us this back in January. Didn't he?

Starting safety Josh Turner, 6th Longhorn gone


And I see: I want Charles in Charge of me!

Joe Bergeron Dismissed, 5th Longhorn in 24 hours


The team is bleeding and Charlie is leading.

Overstreet, Collins Dismissed


Two more Longhorns are gone.

Bellmont can't spell Texas.


Holy smokes. Look at the footer at the bottom.  That's on every page in the Texas media guide. Maybe spend a little less time compiling internet enemies lists and more time on...

Two Longhorn WRs Indefinitely Suspended

Allegations of an on-campus incident place both players' future with the team in doubt.

Fanpost - Predicting the Longhorn season

The Big 12 has spent the last few years stumping ESPN when it comes to predicting the conference champion. I get the feeling we can do a bit better. A link to ESPN's predictions Here are my...

It's Coming


The best Texas and Big 12 preview on the market is less than a week from publication.

Charlie Strong Bans 4 Longhorns from Moncrief


Joe Clark don't play.

Aggie Football #1! In offseason criminality.


The Aggies are fitting into the SEC quite nicely.

2014 Big 12 Football Season Schedule - All Teams


Direct link here from 2014 Big 12 media guide. PDF version.

Agent Buys Longhorn Players Meals


Charlie Strong is losing this program!

Wet Blanket Texas Chancellor Cockblocks Beer Sales


A special editorial from Barking Carnival intern Corey.


50 Days 'til Kickoff

50 days.

Johnathan Gray Recovery News


Sowing irresponsible optimism because I can.


Easy Call: Big 12 Football Preview

SB Nation people review conference risers, fallers, and the most intriguing Big 12 stories.

UT AD Steve Patterson Goes on the Attack


Steve Patterson has been the Athletics Director for only a few months at his alma mater, but he isn't shy about being a major spokesman for the current collegiate system that is under attack.

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