College Football

Texas Triage: Clamping Arteries & Wielding Stain Remover


How do we distinguish appropriate triage from bad coaching?

Texas-KSU Defense Post-Mortem


The Texas D wins most of the downs, but loses the important ones.

Texas Postmortem: Offense


A horrid performance leaves us with a lot more questions and insecurity than answers. Shut out in Manhattan.


Texas-KSU GameThread

If we can stop Sam Sizelove! Never mind.



Little known truths about Kansas State Football and the quaint township it resides in.

Joe Wickline - Oklahoma State Lawsuit


Joe Wickline couldn't leave Stillwater without paying a penalty unless he got "play calling duties" as an OC in college or the NFL. He left. Now OSU wants a buyout. We ain't paying!

Texas-Kansas State Game Keys


A few gems to help make your game watch more enjoyable.


Steve Patterson: We'll pay every athlete $10K

PattersonAnyone have any thoughts about Patterson's comments? We all have known for some time that at some point the curtain would be pulled back on the charade that has been major college...

Charlie Strong Era A Failure: Lacks YOLO And Positive Energy


Corey the Intern is back. And he's putting Longhorn Nation on blast.

Texas-Iowa State Defense/Special Team Postmortem


The special teams rally and the defense gets thrashed.

Texas Offense PostMortem


Swoopes takes strides, another new OL line-up scraps and we cut our own throat a few times in unique and fantastic ways.

Shawn Watson Goes Bananas


Any lip readers?


Texas-Iowa State GameThread

If we can stop corn ethanol subsidies, we may have a chance.

Saturday Open Thread


Opine on the day until the eyes of the entire nation turn to the Cyclone-Longhorn battle of juggernauts.

Jesus Christ, I love Joe Wickline


Such a great article and worth a read given that this is only Wickline's second press interview since August. Basically summed up with idea that we knew what the mission was when we signed up, injuries suck but you don't waste time worrying about guys you don't have - you worry about who's next. Love his quotes on Espy - great guy, hope he gets his diploma, but I need to worry about who is next up. These guys look over sometimes and tap out because they are tired. Either I or Pat Moorer just send them back in.

LSU-Texas Home & Home Series 2019, 2020


An excellent non-conference game looms.

Jason Hall has patellar injury - out for ISU


Hitman Hall will be out against the Clones.

Midseason Report Card: Defense


The best defense in the Big 12 has come together impressively under Charlie Strong and a group of talented assistants who have revealed a gift for teaching and breaking down complex coverage combos...

Midseason Report Card: Offense & Special Teams


The grades are in. Is a 1.2 GPA good?

Jason Hall - Building Block


True freshman Jason Hall has three or four more years of this in Austin.

Post OU press conference notes


And an implied shot at the Aggies.

Texas-OU Recap: What Just Happened?!


Texas dominates OU in most traditional measures and still come up short.

Saturday Open Thread


Entertain yourself after the Red River Shootout with commentary on other goings on.


Texas-OU Game Thread

If we can convince Adrian Peterson to get a vasectomy, we may have a chance.

Taylor Doyle at C, No Daje in Dallas


Some interesting developments heading into Dallas.

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