Joseph Pulitzer

What if Kearney was a white male football coach?


Let's run the scenario that Kearney and her supporters so badly want us to imagine and see if the hypocrisy holds.

Rose ... Bowl ...


Last week, endlessly successful and entirely un-embattled head coach Mack Brown happily chirped that he'll be clapping furiously along the Texas sidelines until at least 2020.

Poor Mack.


Why is everything so awful all the time?

You've Seen This Movie Before. Doesn't End Well.


When it's time to clean house, your first call is to Anton Chigurh, friendo. He won't tell Mack Brown he can save himself, because he can't.

Bill Little Writes, We Read


From the alternate reality inside Bellmont Hall.

A Nutless Husband's Saturday Night


Wow, what a game Saturday night! Texas vs. West Virginia on national TV. Night game. Electric atmosphere. Thrilling offense and big plays for both teams. A real nailbiter. Too bad I missed it.

The Next Barking Carnival and SB Nation


Gang - This place is getting a massive face lift very, very soon. You're going to dig it. The Blogfather has a few words about it for you: It’s with great pleasure that we unveil the first...

Happy Independence Day


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the...

Quick Research Poll


We're going to be doing some new things as the season gets closer (yes, podcasts will return). If you have a quick second to reply to this poll, that would be much appreciated.

Happy Memorial Day


As always, thanks to our service men and women.

Latest Big 12 Cartography With Florida State


From friend of the Carnival, @cuppycup. The Big 12's new footprint if FSU joins looks familiar. #hookem ?… — cuppycup (@cuppycup) May 14, 2012 Also, be sure to...

Latest Florida State to the Big 12 News


Last week on the heels of Bob Bowlsby joining as Big 12 HMFIC, the FSU to the Big 12 rumors were flying left and right. DeLoss stepped up and said there was no basis in any of it. DeLoss Dodds...

I Stand With Bill Powers


/Reposting in light of current events/ Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board – I am writing to express my support for President Bill Powers in the strongest possible terms. You are of course...

WatchESPN Now Available on Comcast and Yes It Does Matter To the LHN


Beginning today, Comcast cable subscribers can access ESPN content on their mobile devices through the WatchESPN app. It's a free download at the iTunes Store. Access on Android devices will be...

Stanford AD to be New Big 12 Commissioner

18 is reporting that Stanford Athletics Director Bob Bowlsby has agreed to become the new commissioner of the Big 12. Bowlsby has called an all-staff meeting at Stanford for Thursday...

SB Nation YouTube Video Channel


As we've mentioned a time or two of late, SB Nation has partnered with Google/YouTube to create a video channel. And we'd like you to check it out. Go here: and watch a few...

Facing Ali


I recommend this documentary if you're a fight fan or if you just appreciate good documentary film making. The recent death of famous boxing historian Bert Sugar - iconic cigar clenched in his...

Bill Byrne: It's All the Longhorn Network's Fault But It Won't Work Anyway


As Texas A&M inches closer out the door of the Big 12 to the SEC, Athletics Director Bill Byrne took a few more shots at "our friends over in the state capital," in a Birmingham, AL newspaper. A...

Dan Patrick Wants Your Thoughts On Swimsuits


As you know, we at the Carnival are huge fans of swimsuits. Particularly hot women in them (not mentioning any names due to threats of arson). First we had Scipio celebrating the arrival of the...

Happy Texas Independence Day


I'm a native Texan. That's a very good thing to be. Wikipedia says: The name, based on the Caddo word "Tejas" meaning "friends" or "allies"... This sounds about right to me. Please let this...

Caption Contest 2-29-12


Yo, LEAP YEAR EDITION!We've welcomed new coaches to the Big 12 with our last two Caption Contest entries. Now it's time to bid adieu. Texas Fight, Texas Fight, And it's goodbye to... Whoop!



Well, Carnival-goers, every now and then our generous sponsors come up with contests and ask us to let you all in on it. This one is actually very cool. I think we can all agree, we hope Sasha...

Welcome To The New Barking Carnival


The Carnival is in town.

Well we're movin' on up...


...or over. I have just heard from the mad scientists at SB Nation and apparently there's a pretty good chance we'll be moving over to the SB Nation platform pretty soon, the process may be...

Merry Christmas


Thanks for your continued Carnival-going. Be safe. See you in San Diego.

The SB Nation iPhone App Is Here!


Sure, Steve Jobs just resigned but that doesn't mean your iPhone will suddenly stop working. And one day BC and 'Cosm will be on SBN too... The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App...

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