Pop Culture

Michael Sam Stagecraft


My general sense of wishing Michael Sam well, motivated by the same sympathy and understanding I have for any person or group who may have spent much of their lives isolated, alienated or alone...

You don't know the real Mack Brown.


Mack Brown? Mack Bane.

Beyonce confirms why I'm a big Ash Fan


A brief coaching search interlude brought to you by a Houston girl.

Terry Bradshaw vs. Carrie Bradshaw


These are the tales. The fairy tales. Oontz, oontz, oontz.



How to run game at your local gym to garner respect and win over females.

Fathers and F Bombs: Longhorn Fanthroplogy


Our Q&A with the Hyundai contest winner.

Jack Taylor scored 138 points! He's a dick.


Why is the media leaving out an important aspect of this feel-good story?

A Nutless Husband's Saturday Night


Wow, what a game Saturday night! Texas vs. West Virginia on national TV. Night game. Electric atmosphere. Thrilling offense and big plays for both teams. A real nailbiter. Too bad I missed it.

A New Yorker's 2012 College Football Preview


Greetings, college football fan. Naturally, you want my perspective, because I live in the Capital of the World. New York City, of course. I know about the college football America (mostly from...

Erin Andrews May Leave ESPN For Fox


And I just realized I don't really care. Over on SI.com they are reporting Andrews is being actively pursued by Fox. SI.com has learned that Fox Sports is aggressively pursuing ESPN ...

The Game of Thrones-to-English Premier League Converter: If only Chelsea paid all its debts...


HODOR! CARROLL! HODOR! CARROLL! And here beginneth the offseason schedule of miscellany in sport and leisure. I realize this post targets the other kind of footballing audience but it's a hat...

SB Nation Channel on YouTube (Again)


More for you. Texas gets a mention. Why? Because We're Texas. I thought we already covered this. As I mentioned, we'll be doing some video stuff too. Please submit YOUR story ideas for the...

The 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Is Here


And it will cause some issues with your special lady friend if you don't play it right. I have some cautions for you. Read on. You'll thank me for it. And so will Kate. No matter how...

Update on The Longhorn Network: Don't Hold Your Breath


Recently UT posted an update on its website concerning the Longhorn Network's distribution battle. It essentially said, Distribution will happen, we promise. The message, from Athletic Directors...

Movie Review: Warrior


The rise of Mixed Martial Arts in popular culture has been reflected in cinema with results that range from barely satisfactory (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast David Mamet's Red Belt, Channing...

A Conversation With Pitbull


Hi there. May I ask you a question? What kind of time are you having? I only ask this because – and this is just a suggestion so, please, feel free to tell me if you are not interested. But I was...

X Men: First Class Movie Review The Comic Book Movie Genre


Comic book movies are Hollywood's commercial god send. Or in the case of Thor, a gods-send. Let's light a candle at the altar of Hollywood's politically correct multicultural gods of Norse...

Super 8


A buddy of mine had some minor surgery this week. I was hoping to stop by and check in on him but as it is wont to do, the week got away from me. When he texted me on Saturday night to tell me he...

You Are Not Black Enough For Bernard Hopkins


And neither is Donovan McNabb. Know this. What's that? You think you're pretty black? I'm here to tell you, you're not. Do you think Dwyane is a perfectly good spelling of...



Dead! bin Laden - Apparently, really dead.

Barack Obama Launches Devastating Attack on Barking Carnival


Earlier today, the President of the United States launched a devastating broadside against Barking Carnival. His words cut to the quick and we're all still a bit shaken. Although our President...

Liveblogging HenryJames' Wedding


If we can stop the bride from leaving him at the altar, we have a chance. We're going into this expecting a battle. They're going to come out fired up so resist the surge and stick to your vows. W...

Golf Pricks Everywhere Have A New Hero


When Kevin Na Stepped up to the #9 tee yesterday at the Valero Texas Open he was -1 par for his round. When he walked off the #9 green, he was 11 over par, although to be fair, he wasn't sure what...

I Have A List Of Bad Ideas


And this idea is currently ranked sixth, just behind publishing a Femynist Journal in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley and just ahead of #7, which involves slapping Brock Lesnar while offering,...

An Interview with Mario


The SXSW festival of music, film, and interactivityism invaded Austin last week. On the film front, one flick emerged as the clear leader in nationwide buzz: Mario, a two-minute "bumper" film...

Traffic Light


When you Google Bob Fisher, you get a guy selling Chevrolet's in PA. That's not who I am interested in. I only drive cars crafted by Teutons. You know that. If you look at some other results, you...

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