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When was your moment of irrationality?

Yesterday, while I was in the shower - soaping down my scrotum with my customary amount of vigor - I had That Moment. Not the moment you have as a tween when strange sensations of friction suddenly...

TX-OU: 6-6 Tie - Kissing Your Ugly Stepsister


It's not often that a football game ending in a tie remains relevant for over 30 years, but the Texas-OU classic of 1976 embodies every brutal, bitter and vicious element of this great rivalry

TX-OU 35 Years Ago: It Still Matters


It's TX-OU week. Everything is ramped up -- the hype, the anger, as well as the genuine mistrust between the two programs. Fans know this and they hardly need any added factors to increase the...

Reliving the Wishbone: Now and Then


I'm still curious about what else HarsinWhite 2011 has in mind for our Wildcat packages this season. The Jesus was dead on about having 2 different operators for those schemes (Shipley and Fozzy so...

OU Freshman Football Players Arrested


Not just any freshman football players, Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson, OU's best ones. Too bad Roy Finch and Trey Millard couldn't get in on the act. No official word on whether Stills was...

Marcus Dupree: The Best That Never Was


In 1982, as today, recruiting was a blood sport -- it just didn't command the 24/7 coverage that it gets now, thanks to the multiple media outlets that litter the landscape. I was working for...

A Remembrance of Things Past, and a reminder that things don’t last


I wrote the following in the Jones Top Ten this week: Texas and Florida are headed to the same place for very different reasons. While I fully believe that Urban Meyer has lost his passion for the...

One More Time: Why This Game is Special


"The University of Texas football season begins with the Oklahoma game. All before that is so much throat-clearing." Dan Jenkins, Sports Illustrated. When Bo Schembechler resigned at Michigan, ABC...

The North Carolina Agent Fiasco The John Blake Stain


A man is known by the company he keeps, but also by the company from which he is kept out. - Grover Cleveland Butch Davis and the North Carolina Carolina Tar Heels made a statement to the college...

Two Mexican Midget Wrestlers Killed by Fake Prostitutes


Seriously. What has this world come to when two altitude challenged people can't exchange hard earned currency for a twirl? When midget wrestlers can't get laid, then the terrorists have won. T...

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