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March Madness: A TV programmer's dream come true


The NCAA tournament continues to grow in popularity as is shows other sports the future of live TV.

Verne Lundquist Saying More With Less for 50 Years


Verne Lundquist is a sport broadcasting pioneer who has over a half century of work on his resume. Starting in Austin and reaching all the way to CBS, Lundquist has fashioned his Hall of Fame...

SEC Network: High dollar buy, worth the cost?


ESPN is putting a high price tag on the new SEC Network, but it is betting that distributors will want to keep its sports fans happy

NFL, Networks Agree to Multi-Billion Dollar Extension


Staggering. That's as apt a decription as any of the numbers being thrown around about the latest NFL-TV contracts. It was announced Wednesday that begining in 2014 the NFL has extended its...

March Madness: You Can't Tell A Network Without A Scorecard


The best four days of the year for basketball junkies are about to unfold as March Madness begins its three week run Thursday. It's important to note that unless you are part of the Scipio/Trips...

NFL Racks Up Record TV Ratings For Week 1


When negotiators for the NFL players and owners get together this off-season to work out a new contract, they need to be put in a locked in a room with nothing to read but the Nielsen ratings from...

New March Madness TV Deal: Changes Are Coming


The announcement that CBS/Turner had locked up the NCAA Basketball tournament for the next 14 years officially ended the era of major championship events exclusively on over-the-air TV. March...

CBS/Turner Package Leading Bidder For March Madness


ESPN has reportedly offered $800 Million year for 14 years to the NCAA for the National Championship Basketball Tournament, but CBS - the longtime rights holder - will not give up March Madness...

March Madness To Expand By End Of The Month


The consensus opinion is that the obvious should become offcial by the end of April. The NCAA is ready to opt out of its contract with CBS, expand to 96 teams and bid out the media rights. A...

Final Four: Best TV Ratings In Five Years


If only one Top Seed was to make it to the Final Four, the NCAA wanted that #1 seed to be Duke -- the team that genders both love and hate -- as well as TV ratings. The trend continued this year as...

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