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Couch potatoes rejoice - it's bowl season!


The final rush to the BCS championship game is on and for the next two weeks ESPN will feed the frenzy with with bowl after bowl -- some good match ups and some not so good. The Bi12 will have 9...

College football has a four team playoff system


The new 4-team college football playoff system that arrives in 2014 will make 12 teams very happy -- and very rich -- every season for at least 12 years.

Why Texas Won't Play The Aggies In The Cotton Bowl

Laying out the reasons. With science.

Champions Bowl Could Cause Big 12 Expansion


The new SEC/Big 12 Champions Bowl doesn't have a home yet, but there are reports that its existence could mean that the Big 12 would have to expand to have enough teams to match its name. The rumor...

SEC, Big 12 to create a "Rose Bowl" Alliance


The SEC and the Big 12 are forming an alliance to create a major bowl match up, just in case neither is part of the new 4-team playoff beginning in 2014. The two leagues have signed a...

Texas-OU to Remain at Cotton Bowl Through 2020


Texas & Oklahoma have officially signed on to continue to play in the Cotton Bowl throughout the rest of the decade. Last week the City of Dallas agreed to spend another $25 million in...

Texas/OU Sundry: 24 Hours to Kickoff


You'll always be Uncle Rico to me you slack jawed Okie Some stats from ESPN with a little fuzzy math but Manny Diaz sees right through it. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones completes just less than...

Mike The Tiger vs. Reveille


Your open thread for the Cotton Bowl. Fear The Hat. Also, is Lester a Michigan Man? Does Bo Pelini want to one? Or does Bo want to go back to Baton Rouge? Is this mostly an excuse to pay homage...

Coming Out Of The Shell


They say that the team that runs for more yards has won every game since 1997 in this series, but of course Scipio partially rebuts the importance of that stat in the podcast with NorthDallasSooner...

1982 Texas-Alabama: Drawing Up One Perfect Play


In 1954, Junior Quarterback Charlie Brewer threw two touchdown passes as Texas defeated Bear Bryant and Texas A&M 22-13. Twenty eight year later Bryant was still coaching and this time Charlie sat...

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