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Longhorn Network Adds DISH Customers

Disney agreed to a long term distribution deal with DISH Network, and the Longhorn Network picks up another 15 million homes as potential customer.

BCS ERA Best TV Show: Texas vs. USC

It was a match made in Hollywood Heaven, and it established the benchmark for both on the field excellence and attracting TV viewers. The 2006 BCS championship game - Texas vs. USC - set the bar for the upcoming college football playoff.

SEC Network: High dollar buy, worth the cost?

ESPN is putting a high price tag on the new SEC Network, but it is betting that distributors will want to keep its sports fans happy

TV Sports: Only pay for what you watch?

Right now you pay your cable or satellite distributor for a lot of channels you have no intention of watching. If Sen. John McCain has his way, you can order buffet style and pay just for what you watch.

SEC: The rich get richer

The SEC and ESPN formally announced the launching of the SEC Network, and it could once again raise the bar for other conferences in media rights money.

ACC tries to shut door to realignment

The ACC has decided to follow suit from other power leagues and place a heavy financial burden on any league member that tries to bolt out the door. The ACC has agreed to a Grant of Rights deal that will keep TV revenue in the league.

SEC Network to launch in 2014

The Southeast Conference is officially announcing the creation of the SEC Network, joining the Big 10 and Pac 12 as major conferences with their own channels.

Texas A&M getting ready for prime time in 2013

Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M capped off a dream season with a 41-12 thrashing of OU in the Cotton Bowl. Now Manziel and the Aggies hope to take advantage of their success in 2013 as they get more exposure in the media.

Longhorn Network expands coverage

ESPN continues to work getting the Longhorn Network clearance in Texas and across the nation. Their parent company, Disney has reached an agreement with Charter Communications, the fourth-largest cable provider in the country.

Paranoia Strikes Deep Into Your Life It Will Creep

Texas is taking the "Us vs. Them" Mentality to a new level, now saying that the $300 million deal with ESPN for the Longhorn Network is causing a hardship for the coaches.

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