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Couch potatoes rejoice - it's bowl season!


The final rush to the BCS championship game is on and for the next two weeks ESPN will feed the frenzy with with bowl after bowl -- some good match ups and some not so good. The Bi12 will have 9...

College football has a four team playoff system


The new 4-team college football playoff system that arrives in 2014 will make 12 teams very happy -- and very rich -- every season for at least 12 years.

BCS Championship Ratings Down -- Changes May Be Coming


Over 24 million viewers tuned in to watch Alabama bludgeon LSU in the BCS championship game, a number that works for ESPN. Meanwhile Conference Commissioners are thinking about making some changes...

I ain’t embarrassed to use the word; I’m talking about ethics.


Johnny Caspar asks Leo if the points being made about ethics are clear. Leo's reply: "As mud." Scanning the college headlines lately when the NCAA comes up has left me feeling much the same way. I...

Who Loves Knockers and Golf?


OK, who doesn't? But apparently John Junker REALLY loves knockers and golf, he just wasn't supposed to run it through the Fiesta Bowl expense account. Whoops! PlayoffPAC says these are some of the...

Boomer Schadenfreuder – Open Thread


Bob Stoops has a 2-5 record in BCS games. This surprises me every time I see it. There is NO way the fighting NateHeupels lose to the fighting Gino Auriemas, right? Right?

Bowl Preview 29: The Fiesta Bowl


Where: Glendale, AZ When: January 4th, 7:00 Central on ESPN Line History: Opened at 7 and has bounced between 7 and 7.5 since the open. Total is 54.5. Trips Rights' Blind Line: I made TCU a 10...

2009 Fiesta Bowl Wrap Up: Texas Longhorns vs. Ohio State Buckeyes


Coverage of the 2009 Fiesta Bowl from Scipio Tex. Post Game 1) Thoughts upon arrival in Glendale. 2) Musings on game flavor. 3) Post-mortem on defense. 4) Post-mortem on offense and special teams. P...

Horns Win Over Ohio State is a Fiesta of Ratings For Fox


Texas and Ohio State put on a show last night, and FOX Sports was a major beneficiary. The Longhorns last-minute win over the Buckeyes will probably turn out to be the third highest-rated BCS Bowl...

Don't be fooled, this was a tough matchup


Ohio State is good at everything we are bad at. It sucks that it wasn't a media seducing blowout, and that Colt is following Brett Farve's career path (he's in the lose-it-for-you-no-win-it-for-you...

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