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UT AD Steve Patterson Goes on the Attack


Steve Patterson has been the Athletics Director for only a few months at his alma mater, but he isn't shy about being a major spokesman for the current collegiate system that is under attack.

Johnny Manziel: Signing On The Dotted Line


Johnny Manziel signed lots and lots of photos during the off season. The question is -- did he get paid for it?

Myck Kabongo Will Play For Texas - Sort Of


The NCAA decided to cut Myck Kabongo a break Friday and reduced his season-long suspension for not being truthful to the organization all of 8 regular season games.

Football Scholarship Total to Remain at 85


The NCAA Board of Directors Saturday voted down a proposal to cut football scholarships for D-1 programs from 85 to 80. The Board did reaffirm the desire to provide a $2,000 "miscellaneous expense...

NCAA Proposal Would Cut Football Scholarships to 80


Saturday, the NCAA Board of Directors will vote on several sweeping rules changes, including cutting the total of football scholarships from 85 to 80. The Board of Directors will also vote on a...

Dreams Unfulfilled, Graduate Unskilled -- NCAA Athletics and Exploitation


Taylor Branch’s article in this month's Atlantic Monthly (it's more than Andrew Sullivan now!) about how the myths of amateurism and student-athletes allow the NCAA and its constituent schools to...

The Nerd's Guide to College Football Fandom


Or: Academic rankings are more interesting when football is half the grade Americans love rankings like their freedom. They also love the freedom to read too much into such rankings despite their...

2011 Kansas Football Preview: Jayhawk State of the Union


If it isn’t obvious who lost the BC office Game of Thrones, then go read texags.com and leave me the hell alone. Someone had to stage a coup d’état to steal my Baylor assignment from me. Now I...

Bill Byrne is Fightin' Texas Aggie Mad!


I came across this story on our Sooner blog. Apparently Bill Byrne has the Hefty bags out and is girding his legs and loins for battle. I always wonder, when Bill means business, does he go for the...

Tar Heels Step Into Tar Hell


After spending a year mired in scandals, and giving Coach Butch Davis several votes of confidence, the North Carolina Tar Heels, in an astonishing example of horrid timing, finally fired Davis. T...

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