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Midway of Sorrow: A Tale of Cotton Bowl Woe


Ulysses S. Cocksman retells the carnage from his private library wearing a deep-fried technicolor dreamcoat.

Checking on the enemy: Sooner Spring


A feature in which we examine some of the developments in enemy country. This time, we'll peak peek across the Red River at conference frontrunner OU. On paper, the Sooners have the strongest...

Losing the Point of Attack


Texas has won the battle in the trenches against the Sooners for the last several years. Generally, the defensive line on each side tends to have the advantage and I'm suspicious that both schools...

Texas/OU Sundry: 24 Hours to Kickoff


You'll always be Uncle Rico to me you slack jawed Okie Some stats from ESPN with a little fuzzy math but Manny Diaz sees right through it. Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones completes just less than...

Ground and Pound: How Texas Can Beat OU


The Sooners under Bob Stoops have made their hay with an aggressive, quick strike offense and physical defense that exploits known tendencies -- a combo that has led to some humiliating final...

Bob Stoops: We Don't Have To Play Texas


Bob Stoops told his weekly press gathering today that whenever the game of BCS Musical Chairs is over, if Texas and Oklahoma aren't in the same league, then "It isn't necessary," that the rivalry...

Podcast #14: The One Where NorthDallasSooner Celebrates 25 Texas / OU Games


NorthDallasSooner took time away from luxuriating in the California wine country celebrating the big win to tell us a little about what he saw from his Sooners, our Longhorns and why he only drinks...

Texas Longhorns / Oklahoma Sooners Animated Drive Chart


Though I'd say some our drives might better be described as inanimate, this makes me laugh in a gallows humor sort of way. Our first drive is particularly inept. Very little solid line, lots of...

Texas-OU 2010 Post Mortem- Defense Special Teams


The defense was trapped in a never-ending Groundhog's Day of fresh downs gifted to Oklahoma with dumb penalties, mental letdowns, and an initial inability to deal with tempo. OU should have been...

Longhorns Prevail in Contest of Gentlemanly Good Manners, 20-28


On Saturday, the Texas Longhorns prevailed over the Oklahoma Sooners in the annual contest of gentlemanly good manners between the two rival squadrons. Through four quartiles of footed ball, the...

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