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SEC: The rich get richer

The SEC and ESPN formally announced the launching of the SEC Network, and it could once again raise the bar for other conferences in media rights money.

Texas A&M getting ready for prime time in 2013

Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M capped off a dream season with a 41-12 thrashing of OU in the Cotton Bowl. Now Manziel and the Aggies hope to take advantage of their success in 2013 as they get more exposure in the media.

Mike Gundy blows up twitter with Arkansas Rumors

Is he or isn't he? In the new world of social media reporting, stories can change at the speed of light, as college Athletic Directors and football coaches are finding out. It is the season of rumors, and good luck in keeping pace.

ESPN's SEC Network: The LHN on Steroids

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the SEC is partnering up with ESPN to produce the SEC Network, scheduled to debut in 2014.

Texas A&M: Taking Over The SEC One Billboard At A Time

First it was claiming Austin, or to be more precise, Pflugerville, as SEC Country. Now the Aggies are taking their Billboard smack talk fest straight into SEC country. See after the jump. The...

Pflugerville is SEC Country

Who knew? I will give one poster on TexAgs credit for a nice line. Take a look after the jump. via cdn3.sbnation.com He said more people will see that billboard than the Longhorn Network.

Champions Bowl Payout = $80 Million

The Champions Bowl -- so new they don't even have their funny looking blazers picked out -- does have a multi-million dollar contract with ESPN. The bowl, born out of an alliance between the SEC...

Champions Bowl Could Cause Big 12 Expansion

The new SEC/Big 12 Champions Bowl doesn't have a home yet, but there are reports that its existence could mean that the Big 12 would have to expand to have enough teams to match its name. The rumor...

This Time, The SEC Has Gone Too Far

Just in time for the 2012 season, four SEC teams are unveiling their very own cheerleader barbie dolls. That's right, for just $24.95 you can have your very own Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn or LSU...

Conference Battle Lines Drawn Over Proposed Playoff Formats

The general consensus is that there will be a 4-team playoff in D-1 College Football by 2014. However, the Devil is in the Details, and the fight over what it will actually look like takes center...

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