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Tommy Tuberville Wants Your Headphones Off, Please


And get off of his sideline.

Week 8 Sundry: Texas Tech Edition


It's meltdown time Yes, every once in a while you need to read something other than Barking Carniecosm for daily sustenance. And if you're not familiar with this feature at rollbamaroll, you're...

A Remembrance of Things Past, and a reminder that things don’t last


I wrote the following in the Jones Top Ten this week: Texas and Florida are headed to the same place for very different reasons. While I fully believe that Urban Meyer has lost his passion for the...

The Week That Will Be (10.23.2010)


Last Week: 2-4 ATS 2-4 SU For the Year: 16-22-4 (.421) ($-800) ATS 28-14 (.667) SU What we learned last week: We learned that while last week’s Auburn/Arkansas game was fun to watch on television,...

Podcast #4: The One Where The Tortilla Retorters Share Scouting Reports and Homebrew Clap Remedies


We have a game this weekend. We play Tommy Tuberville and his Red Raiders up there in Muleshoe this weekend. RRR and Dedfischer, the geniuses behind Tortilla Retort, were kind enough to stop by the...

Reading Big 12 Tea Leaves


I have some definitive thoughts on how events will play out in the conference this Fall. Realizing that this is pure, biased opinion and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it, it should at least...

Big 12 Media Day: Tommy Tuberville


Tommy took his ears away from the SETI program long enough to join the Big 12 Media Days. He brought along quarterbacks Steven Sheffield and Taylor Potts, proving that the Tech QB job is still up...

Tommy Tuberville Nicolaus Copernicus


In Tubs most recent pamphlet De revolutionibus orbium coelestium he posits that the Big 12 is really pretty much toast. Apparently Texas is causing the entire conference to pass some sort of...

Tommy Tuberville Has Some Advice For The Aggies


The new Texas Tech coach was on Houston's KILT Radio 610 Thursday and talked about A&M's possible defection to the SEC. Tuberville, said that he thought A&M would probably not go, but if they...

How many titles will Tubs win at Tech? It's in God's hands.


But 2-4 is a safe bet. "We know how to win championships," Tuberville said. "You can just imagine here the excitement when we do win … because we’re going to win a championship. We’re going to win...

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