Texas Longhorns Baseball


All Time Augie

With a victory over Texas State Augie Garrido will become the all-time winningest coach in collegiate baseball history. via scontent-a-sjc.xx.fbcdn.net Post by Longhorn Network.

UT redemption tour? Kevin Dunn talks Augieball.

Longhorn Network's baseball play-by-play man Kevin Dunn sits down with Barking Carnival to talk about the 2014 season and the state of the Texas baseball program.

A new favorite for Texas AD job?

Early reports had Oliver Luck in the driver's seat.


The Decline Of Texas

Starting over.

DeLoss officially hangs 'em up

Hook 'em!


Remembering James Street

Texas legend.

Nick Voinis: Report is "100% untrue"

The latest straight from Bellmont Hall.

Longhorn Network clears big hurdle

The Longhorn Network took a huge step towards enhanced availability throughout Texas when Time Warner Cable agreed Friday to carry the network on its expanded basic cable package throughout the state.

DeLoss Dodds: Presumed Competent

Texas Athletic Director: "I don't tell coaches what to do."


Augie mic'd up

Augie on the mic.


Baseball revelations

Augie on character.


Augie talks hardball

Only you can save us, Augie.


The Earls!

Augie Garrido vs. David Ash

Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty on All Counts

After a 10-week trial the jury took just over 10 hours to find Roger Clemens not guilty on all charges that he obstructed and lied to Congress when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs....

The Trial of Roger Clemens: So Help Me, God.

This is a work of imaginative fiction. Courts determine guilt or innocence. ** A gavel pounds out its steady cadence, the sound echoing through a packed courtroom nestled between two clouds and...

Roger Clemens Perjury Retrial Set to Begin Monday

The Federal Government, whose batting average has dipped well below the "Mendoza Line" when it comes to prosecuting cases involving high-profile athletes, will step into the batter's box on Monday,...

Sports Media Rights: Playing With Monopoly Money

In 2004 Frank McCourt bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for a little over $430 million, most of it with debt-ridden loans. He then proceeded to: drive the team into bankruptcy while driving away fans...

The Petey and LoMo Show

As you know, SB Nation has embarked upon a video adventure with Google / YouTube. You will see some of this in the not too distant future right here on Barking Carnival. Aside: We are currently...

One Riot. One Ranger.

A coda to the world series from a distraught Rangers fan.

Washed Out: Rangers Drop Game 1 to Cards, 3-2

The Rangers have a better-balanced, more talented team overall, but the Cardinals have three distinct advantages: (1) Chris Carpenter; (2) Tony LaRussa; and (3) a better bench. Saint Loo used all...

Nelson Cruz and The Nature of Fandom

There is no biographical information on Nelson Cruz’s Wikipedia page. Just a name, a date of birth and a chronological listing of his baseball career. I don’t know anything about his family....

Dong Augustus: Cruz Wallops Rangers to 2-0 ALCS Lead

This is why the Texas Rangers are going to be so damn hard to beat in the postseason. For one thing, the bullpen is a bottomless well of asphyxiating filth. That Whatasizes narrow Ranger leads...

Hardball Time in Texas

Time is short, but I wanted to put in a few quick words before first pitch in the Texas/Tampa ALDS. Since there's a beer vendor that desperately needs my attention, I'll leave most of the data...

I hate Abner Doubleday.

Come on skinny love just last the year Pour a little salt we were never here My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer I tell my love to wreck it all Cut out...

Rangers Bullpen: Liability Becomes Asset, but Feliz Issues Persist

Koji Uehara hails from Osaka, Japan. Mike Adams was born in Corpus Christi but grew up in Sinton, Texas, both of which, according to the Googleplexer, are a long fungo and 6,700 miles in a kayak...

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