Red River Shootout: Texas - OU 2012

Red River Rivals


Thoughts on rivalries, Red River and other.

Fathers and F Bombs: Longhorn Fanthroplogy


Our Q&A with the Hyundai contest winner.

TX/OU Recap: It looks even worse frame by frame


Masochists, unite! Gag ball sold separately.

Fire Mack Brown? Vegas Says Yes. By 2013.


A prominent Las Vegas book says Mack won't be back.

Hardware Matters


How many more trophies should the Longhorns have?

Lord of Defiles


LonghornScott takes a timeout.

You Are What Your Record Says You Are


Mack Brown restored a Texas football program that had been mired in mediocrity. But his inability to convey a sense of urgency needed to play elite teams like OU is his Achilles Heel.

Jack In The Box and progressive fan reaction


Jack In The Box loves college football and GIFs that animate. We love Jack's tacos. And his commercials.

Texas-OU Post Mortem


The Post-Mortem for the game, not the coach.


Manny Diaz surveys OU wreckage, surveils the Bears

Manny Diaz surveys the Texas OU wreckage and surveils the Baylor Bears.

College football, doggy style


A review the current state of American college football.

Bill Little Writes, We Read


From the alternate reality inside Bellmont Hall.

Mack Brown says he's not ready to leave

Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown told the Associated Press he is not ready to retire and still has the support from boosters.



OU is not currently Texas' rival, but rather its nemesis

Defenestrated in Dallas - Season out the Window?


We've all seen this story too many times.

Sorting through the Rubble in the Cotton Bowl


The Longhorns show up in Dallas DOA for the fourth time in 12 years. Nickel Rover assesses the short and long-term damage while we wait for the autopsy results.

Second Half GameDay Texas-OU Thread

Suffer through the 2nd with your Horn brethren.

Gamethread: Texas - OU 2012

Texas Fight.

Texas Longhorns Defense vs. OU: No Excuses


An examination of the Texas Longhorns defense recent past, present and future and what can reasonably be expected of Manny Diaz and his troops vs. Oklahoma.

TX-OU: 6-6 Tie - Kissing Your Ugly Stepsister


It's not often that a football game ending in a tie remains relevant for over 30 years, but the Texas-OU classic of 1976 embodies every brutal, bitter and vicious element of this great rivalry

Breaking Bad, Breaking Better – Horns Offense


Breaking down how the Longhorn O can break bad habits and break the Sooners D.

The Week That Will Be (Texas/OU 2012)


Not all was lost last week, but the time is now to grow up as a team.

Breaking Bad, Breaking Better - Horns Defense


Breaking down how the Longhorn D can break bad habits and break the Sooners.

1968 TX-OU: Brandishing The 'Bone


A combination of lethal talent with a new offensive scheme brought the Longhorns their 10th win in 11 years against Oklahoma, while also unleashing the Wishbone offense on college football.


Dan Rubenstein and Carson York talk Texas - OU

Dan Rubenstein and Oregon OL Carson York talking about the Texas OU game.

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