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Chase Daniel says Nebraska's defense is 'high school stuff'

Oh snap. Daniel made his remarks after Missouri rolled up 606 yards and 47 points on Kevin Cosgrove's Nebraska defense.

"They’re very stubborn," Daniel said. "Cosgrove’s a very stubborn guy. It’s always been that way. … That’s just how he is, that’s how they are. They’re a bunch of confident guys in what they do, and they felt they had the best chance doing that, so they stuck with it."

Not often you see players talk smack to opposing coaches, but you say lots of shit you don't normally say when you roll up 606 yards on a team.

"You can’t just play one defense the whole entire game," Daniel added. "That’s like high school stuff that I faced in high school, so it’s nothing new for me."

'If I don't get a picture, no one will believe us.'

Nebraska pretty much played the entire game with only a 3 man rush while dropping 8 into coverage. Daniel was never sacked and could recall only being hit once.

Even Missouri's offensive coordinator was all 'Wtf?.'

"I was a little bit surprised that they went just about the entire game getting pressure on us with a three-man rush," Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Christensen said. "Obviously, it didn’t work very well. I don’t foresee Oklahoma doing that or at least making a living doing that."

Christensen was named National Offensive Coordinator of the Week by the Master Football Coaches Survey for his trouble.