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Tim Tebow has hundreds of LSU fans in his friends and family plan

LSU fans got Florida quarterback Tim Tebow's cellphone number last week, and left hundreds of voicemails and text messages on it.

Naturally some (most?) of the messages included physical threats and profanity.

"I really don’t use that type of language too much, so I can’t tell you," Tebow said.

'Some dude just said he'd teabag me.'

Tebow doesn't come off as too bright in this story. He said he had to listen to each voicemail and read each text before deleting them. Uh, what? He also revealed that the calls and messages starting coming early last week, but he didn't get a new number until two days after the game.

Florida coach Urban Meyer simplified things for Tebow.

"It’s easy to just get rid of your phone," Meyer said. "I told Tim ‘Just dump it and get another one."’