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Ryan Perrilloux refused service at whites only restaurant

At least that's probably how he'll remember it anyway.

Beleaguered LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux got into yet another incident involving a public display of ignorance.

Perrilloux entered the Kona Grill about 30 minutes after it closed. This being Louisiana I assume it closed at like 4am. Anyway, Perrilloux went to the bar and tried to order his usual gin and grape soda along with some pizza shooters, shrimp poppers or extreme fajitas. When told that the restaurant was closed, he began to cuss the server and called him a 'cracker' and possibly a 'honkey.'

The manager then approached Perrilloux and was cursed at as well. They then asked him to leave and called the police.

What probably happened:

LSU head coach Les Miles later called the manager to apologize. He should probably just start apologizing in advance.

Perrilloux has yet to participate in spring practice because he has yet to fulfill some requirements set by Miles. I'm guessing acting like a douchechill in a restaurant is not one of them.