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Velvet Revolver just got a lot better

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They finally got rid of the most overrated vocalist in rock music, Scott Weiland.

Weiland sucks. There, I said it. I'm not pretending that it's a brave statement of any kind because anyone with ears smaller than Ben Stiller's knows Weiland sucks.

He's Scott Farkas from 'A Christmas Story,' and every time I see him I want to pummel him mercilessly like Ralphie did.

Saw Velvet Revolver a few months ago at Stubb's. Slash pwn3d. Still one of the best rock guitarists, and few can play with soul like he does. The rhythm section was tight. And then there was Weiland.

He was horrible. The guy has no voice. About the only time you could hear him sing anything was when they went acoustic. He's a studio singer. That's great for albums, but just know that your live performances will suffer. If I want to see albums sound like shit live, I'll become a hip hop fan.

And he has no stage presence. He's just an imitator. 'What would Axl Rose do? I'll do that! What would Steven Tyler do? I'll do that too!' Meh. Go do some more smack.

Now I've read Slash's autobiography (shut up), and in it he said the reason that Guns 'N Roses finally broke up was because Axl was too unreliable and kept screwing over the fans with his erratic behavior. So Slash goes out and recruits an unreliable guy with erratic behavior.

Did he even read his own autobiography?