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Cedric Benson forgets that black people can't swim

Former Texas running back Cedric Benson got himself arrested on Lake Travis last Saturday. He was charged with operating a boat while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

An LCRA officer performing a routine safety inspection found an intoxicated Benson driving the boat and not wearing a life jacket. Dumb.

Looks drunk to me.

The arresting officer reported that Benson "failed a vision test, had slurred speech, did not complete the finger count test — in which he was asked to touch his fingers to his thumb and count — and could not recite the alphabet." He also pronounced the word 'ask' as 'aks.'

Benson had to be pepper sprayed to get him to cooperate on the boat, and he then had to be carried from the officer's boat to a vehicle on shore.

Remember when the first defender couldn't bring him down?