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My Pal Vitale Ranks Texas 5

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So he's a loud, glad handing, bald guy with one good eye...who really likes Texas. Evidently. He's got the Horns ranked number 5 behind powerhouses UNC, Louisville, UCONN, and UCLA. Problem is, if you've watched enough Sesame Street, it's easy to notice when one of these things is not like the other one. If you guessed guard play, and specifically lead guard play, you graduate to Letter People. With Law, Price, Sosa, and Collison, these four teams got it, and Texas doesn't.

"L" is for lilliputian.

Sure, the good news is that Balbay will only miss one game due to suspension, the bad news is Dogus' presence almost assuredly means James and Atchley will have to be on the floor for the majority of minutes Balbay is running the show unless the young Turk can extend his range to be a threat from deep. If not, Texas will see a ton of zone, and it'll be effective if Texas can't deploy 3 legit deep shooters. And that's worse news for budding star big men Gary Johnson, Dexter Pittman, Chapman, and Wangmane. The X-factor maybe Justin Mason becoming a threat from deep which would allow Barnes to keep James at the 3, Connor at the 4, and attack the pivot with a talented back to the basket big while Dogus runs the show.

No mention of AJ Abrams, you ask? Well, I was kind of hoping he'd change his mind about playing for the Chihuahua Toros. An ideal compromise would be AJ accepting a role of zone buster off the bench. That's about as likely as AJ growing 4 inches this fall, or his dad not yelling for Abrams to pull from 30 ft. Unpack your own adjectives.

Blackhole. Magic trick. Ballhog.