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Vince Young Leaves House- State of National Emergency Declared

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First, I'd like everyone to remain calm. We don't have all the facts yet, and BC Staffers are working aroung the clock to piece this together as it comes in. We do not recommend stocking up on bottled water, canned food and batteries yet. We also feel that France's surrender to Vince Young last night was premature. We just don't know enough at this point. We do feel that it might be a good idea to barricade your doors and stock up on ammunition and duct tape, but only if you live in the newly regentrified East Side. This recommendation is completely independent of the developing Vince Young situation. There is no official word yet as to the the exact nature of the threat, all that we know for sure, all that we can corroborate from independent sources, is that apparently Vince Young left his premises yesterday evening without his cell phone. I reiterate, remain calm.

Statement from Titans regarding Vince Young

Titans Online
"Last night, we received a call from people that are closest to Vince informing us that he had left his house in a state of mind that had them concerned; and that he was unreachable, having left his cell phone at the house. Not having all the facts available to us and approaching the matter prudently, we contacted Metro Police to make them aware of the situation and asked for their assistance in locating Vince. He was located at a friend’s house, where we made contact with him. He then came to the practice facility where it was determined that those initial concerns by his friends and family were unfounded and he returned home without incident."

Titans Coach Jeff Fisher addressed the media earlier, attempting to calm the situation and avert a more global crisis. There had been widespread fear among pundits that critical global markets in Asia might crash and that federal plans for the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could derail if the Global Threat of Vince Young Leaving His House in a Bad Mood was not immediately handled. Said Fisher "Yeah, he left the house. Just took off and left. Without his phone. No really. Didn't even take his phone with him. Who knows where he could have gone. Target? Best Buy? A friends house? We felt it was a potentially unstable situation with him just driving around like that- remember he forgot his cell phone- so we did the supportive thing and called the police. It took them awhile to understand that it wasn't about Pacman again and that Vince hadn't actually done anything, but once they understood the gravity of the situation they were happy to help us avert this potentially catastrophic disaster."

General Manager Mike Reinfeldt praised the efficiency with which his staff and local law enforcement handled the crisis. Said Reinfeldt " You have to remember, this is a small market town. Someone throws two picks and gets hurt, then just up and leaves like that without his phone, it's a big deal. People get upset. You might have other situations, other kinds of scenarios, like maybe where Alex Rodriguez reverse cowgirls Madonna mid-morning in the African Lion cage at the Central Park zoo, it won't make the news. Here in Nashville someone just driving off like that, that's concerning. We're on top of the situation."

According to reports Vince Young also had an unloaded gun in his glove box. Police also found several rap CD's in his console. It is unclear whether or not Vince intended to listen to these CD's or not, we will keep you apprised of the situation as things develop.