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I Tell You, Leach ... He's a Different Sort of Cat.''

I love Mike Leach stories, even if they are a couple of years old. Like this one. In 2006 Tech played Minnesota in the Insight.Com Bowl. The company is on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and to help promote the game, then Minnesota Coach Glen Mason and Leach were brought in to ring the opening bell on NASDAQ one day, where apparently, Leach scared the hell out of the traders.

It seems that the night before Mason, the Minnesota AD, Leach and Tech AD Gerald Myers went to dinner in Manhattan. Mason says it was a typical Manhattan restaurant (i.e. expensive) and Leach shows up wearing khaki pants, an Under Armour T-shirt and a sports coat. Leach leaves the group after dinner to see the sights.

Mason then says that Leach shows up the next morning at NASDAQ wearing the same clothes ( he assumed that Leach stayed out all night). Mason and his AD say something, Myers makes a statement, and then Leach steps up to the mike.

Mason says, "He (Leach) He says, 'I don't have much to add, so as we say in Lubbock, 'GUNS UP!'

"He shouts it, and people on the floor hear 'guns,' and they are ducking for cover, and security is running around.

"I tell you, Leach ... he's a different sort of cat.''

Guns Up
If it's in Lubbock or New York City it's always "Guns's Up!" For Mike Leach.

The game was pretty wild itself, as Tech staged the biggest comeback in NCAA Division I-A postseason history. Texas Tech came back from a 38-7 third-quarter deficit to defeat Minnesota 44-41 in overtime.