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Scouting Allen vs. Euless Trinity

Had the opportunity to watch Allen's 34-21 upset of #1 Euless Trinity yesterday. With Florida/Bama tied at 17, we bolted mid-way through the 3rd quarter with Allen up 27-7. I've seen Trinity play enough over the last 3 or 4 years to know they are in trouble, if having to line up in the shotgun with 4 wide sets. Much like Oklahoma State, it's not their game.

I'm going in order of Rivals ranking:

#26 Eryon Barnett (Trinity), DB, 6'2", 180 lbs, 4* - Texas commit. Has been shelved by knee injury since mid-season, so did not participate.

#35 Prinze Kande (Trinity), DB, 5'11", 182 lbs, 4* - Kansas commit. Passes the eyeball test. Also, easy for WRs from the burbs to block on running plays and hitch screens. Decent athlete, but will struggle adapting to the open field play of spread offenses in the Big 12. He'll need some work, but is probably a top 5 DB prospect in the state of Kansas which makes them a good fit.

#37 Uzoma Nwachukwu (Allen), WR, 6'0, 185 lbs, 4* - Texas A&M commit. I thought this guy looked legit and was the best athlete on the field. Showed good speed on a 57 yard punt return for a TD. I felt he was underutilized by Allen finishing with only 2 catches for 7 yards, so he'll fit right in on the Aggie offense. Nice prospect. Tuberville will convert him to an all conference CB in 2010.

#39 Steven Terrell (Allen), DB, 5'10, 176 lbs, 3* - Texas A&M commit. I recognized Terrell's name on the roster and watched him for a while. He looks like a good athlete, but didn't really see him make many plays. That can be good or bad. I think it was primarily a function of Trinity's offense. I can't say much about him other than he's probably good enough to compete for playing time in the Aggie secondary. Not sure about everywhere else.

#49 L.T. Tuipulotu (Trinity), DT, 6'2", 275 lbs, 3* - Utah commit. I had been impressed with this guy in a previous game on TV against Fossil Ridge. Not so much this night. Utah is a good fit.

#58 Dontrayevous Robinson (Trinity), RB, 6'1", 215 lbs, 3* - Nebraska commit. He's probably the 3rd best RB on Trinity's roster. I see FB or LB in his future.

#63 Earnest Norman (Trinity), LB, 6'0", 209 lbs, 3* - Nebraska commit. I thought Norman was the best football player on the field. Given his size, I can see why he's ranked where he is as Norman is more of a DE than a true LB. He'll struggle in the open field against slot receivers and give up too much size to play with his hand on the ground. Much stronger than his size would indicate and plays with good leverage on the perimeter. I'm not sure where he'll end up playing, but I would take him on my team any day. Pelini will find something to do with him. He's the MVP of the Trinity defense.

Others of Mention:

UR Jeremiah Williams (Allen), RB, 5'11", 185 lbs - Uncommitted and listing no offers. There's got to be more to this story as Williams and the Allen OL were the difference in the game. Finished with 26 carries for 180 yards and a TD. He may not be a starter at a BCS school, but he's definitely a D-I player. Ran hard, decent speed, shifty hips in the open field. Personally, I would take him over Robinson.


Jr. Tucker Carter (Allen), QB, 6'1", 200 lbs - Finished 16-18 for 142 yards and a TD. Nice game manager. He didn't have to get too fancy. I'll keep an eye on him next year, but nothing to get excited about yet.

Jr. Cheyenne Urban (Allen), LB, 6'0, 215 lbs - He's a perfect fit for an inside linebacker at the high school level. Big, physical and fills gaps nicely. Made some good plays between the tackles early, which piqued my interest. Then, I saw him run. Like me.

So. Tevin Williams (Trinity), RB, 5'11", 191 lbs - Keep an eye on this kid. He's Trinity's best RB and a good combination of speed and strength. Should fill out to around the 210-215 range, and if he can maintain his speed, he could be a good one.