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The New York Times, Thayer Evans and CYA

Faithful readers of and irritated visitors to this site are quite familiar with the New York Times - Thayer Evans - Jamarkus McFarland Family ménage à trois of hilarity. For a recap of the situation, please brush-up here.

Today I came across this offering from the Grey Lady - Internets division. Scroll down to the section entitled The Wild Party.

A few choice items:

On Dec. 26, Thayer Evans, a Houston-based freelancer...

Thayer - Looks like they are distancing themselves from you just a bit, you freelancer. Freelancing being a term with synonyms like loose cannon, lone wolf, free agent and working on your resume.

Adams said that since The Times article was published, her son has been the target of racial slurs from angry Texas supporters, and she said she would not let him talk to reporters in the future.

As far as I know, words like venal, liar, pawn and buffoon have no racial connotations whatsoever.

Tom Jolly, the sports editor, and Mike Abrams, who was editing the 2,800-word article on deadline on Christmas Day, said they did not press Evans about the party.

"I felt like we made the best efforts we could under the circumstances," Evans said.

Buzz. Sorry, no points there, guys. You're in the news business. If you don't have time to do your job correctly, then that's your problem. Coal in your stockings.

Thayer - Come on in to the blogosphere. I'll be happy to set you up with an OU blog, because I'm not sure you will be called on as often at the New York Times. Besides, here in the blogosphere, you can be as niggardly with the dispensing of facts and portrayal of reality as you want without having Clark Hoyt following behind you with a pooper scooper.

No, Kashemeyia, niggardly isn't a racial slur either.