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Some Quick Thoughts on the Baylor win

Obviously a big win that all but seals the deal for a tourney bid. But first and foremost let me preface these glowing thoughts with this, it was Baylor. The Bears looked disinterested on offense, and guarded like, well, Baylor. But hell, you take a win when you can get it.

I thought Balbay's on the ball defense against Jerrells set the tone for the rest of the D. When Curtis can collapse a defense with his killer crossover, the Bears' shooters feed off of it. Dogus did a nice job of making CJ work to get into the paint.

Mason and Abrams did a good job of chasing Dunn and Carter off their jumpers for most of the ball game.

Keeping with the defensive theme, I thought Dex did a great job hedging on high ballscreens without fouling, and providing help to dribble penetrators in the lane. He's really starting to "get it" in terms of the nuances of team defense.

Baylor has no idea how to play team defense. Make them make one help rotation and they go from being ball-you-man to You Ball, Man. In my head I hear LaceDarius saying "thank you" to the compliment.

Offensively, Dex is almost all grows up. He unveiled a bag of tricks that inlcuded a nice face up 10 footer, a baby hook, and a nice dime to a cutting Balbay off a double team. 7-8 from the field is just sick against what was effectively a double team the entire night. When Texas has the personnel to spread the floor with skilled perimeter players, he'll be unstoppable if he's not already.

Ed Hightower wears me out. He's just guessing out there and it's borderline ridiculous. He made some weird calls in both directions.

As frustrating a team as Texas is, I couldn't help but feel thankful as a fan last night watching what amounted to a Tom Pender's team wearing gold and green. Baylor is made up of a collection of the worst kinds of players. Their selfishness on the offensive end is only surpassed by their total lack of interest in playing any kind of defense.

Doge Balbay may be the most explosive athlete Texas has had at the guard position not named TJ Ford. He was blowing past guards playing him with two feet in the paint and still getting to the rim. Anyone chuckle a little seeing ballscreens in the key? If the kid could develop any kind of J he'll be an all american with the way he plays defense and handles.

Clint Chapman, holy hell where has that been. His dribble drive leading to a missed poke showed his explosiveness eventhough he didn't convert. Is he auditioning for more PT or a transfer?

Damion James entering the basketball frightens me.

Justin Mason came to play on both ends of the floor last night. Kudos to him for sucking it up and bouncing back.

Ironic statline for AJ Abrams' last home game. He was a mature 3-7 from the field but had zero assists. Scipio told me to describe his performance as an anomic middle finger to the haters. But since I don't repel the female species like a mini-van, I'll stick with ironic.

Take a sigh of relief. We should be in even after we get stomped by the ghosts of Lester Earl. Thoughts?