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The Duke Shopping List

If you want a preview from a guy who know's the players names and shit, Trip's Right breaks down the Dookie's so thoroughly that you can't even find pieces of them in his stool. If you are in to sifting blogger feces, not that there is anything wrong with that. (Author's note: Look at my vocabulary. It is enormous. Three sentences and four different crap references. Print this out and read it on the can. It'll help you poo.)

The General's Keys to the Game
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You think Patton is saying, "Token, take that hill. NOW, SON, NOW!"

Yeah, me neither.

1) Rebounding. We have to own the boards. We need offensive boards to create offense. We need defensive boards to limit Duke's possession's because they will probably turn us over. Damian James and Dexter Pittman need to own this. We have a ginormous advantage in the interior. It is bad when you don't take advantage of your, uhhh . . . advantages. Ok, moving on.

2) AJ needs to be good AJ not bad AJ. I hope the rims remain kind.

3) We need to keep Dexter on the floor. This is going to be hard. My biggest fear is that Duke pulls Thomas and goes small early to make Dexter guard on the outside and punish him in an up and down game. That is what I would do.

4) How the officials call the flop is going to make a big difference in this one. The crew we had for Minnesota seemed to call only moving screens (I guess the Big 12 didn't get the points of emphasis memo this year) and bad charging calls. This could be an issue. Rick needs to be in the zebra's ear early on this one.

5) We need to try the big lineup (Atchley, James, Pittman) and post up Damian on Gerald Henderson. We should score or put a foul on Duke's best player in that scenario.

6) It would be nice if the conference play film was unavailable for Duke like it was unavailable for Minnesota.

Tubby: "Ricky, dude, why aren't there any games from January on, plus no Michigan State film? That is not cool man"
Rick: "Fucking Ogden. He probably tried to roll it up and smoke it again. I don't know what I am going to do with that goon. I'll overnight it to you on Monday. How's your wife?"
Tubby: "The games on Thursday, ass."
Rick: "Great. See ya then. Gotta go. Real busy. Bye. Click."

7) I think we get 15-20 out of Dexter, Damian, and AJ. It's not enough. Provided we get what we have been getting from the Doge Ward hybrid point guard, we need numbers from Justin Mason or Connor Atchley. I am counting on zero from Gary Johnson.

8 ) Texas needs to be physical. I mean dirty. John Stockton knee to the jewel's dirty. ACC private school kids hate that.

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Olivia Newton John knows what to to. Let's hope the Horns do to.