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Mack Brown's Press Conference

Here's a transcript.
Video link is there as well.

I missed the first part, but here's a quick summary (more down at the bottom after being able to rewatch)

Mack Brown promises "not to leave a stone uncovered" in his season-to-season adjustments. Bob Stoops agreed that this was water under the dam.

During summer drills, we have a slogan every day that the coaches read at position meetings. We also have a slogan for the year. There's also a theme for each game. I etched Bitches Must Be Kicked on some Livestrong bracelets and sent a box to John Bianco. He wisely ignored me.

Michael Wilcoxon and Josh Marshall are medicals. If we count our current commitments, that places us at 86. Still plenty of time to turn some over.

Setter Greg Smith lost 30 pounds during the summer and now weighs 250. He has been as high as 295 in his Longhorn career. Losing weight won't help his hands though. He's our jumbo package guy.

Ahmard Howard, Ian Harris, DJ Grant are all healthy now. We're looking for a guy to grab the job. Barrett Matthews and Trey Graham could be in that mix.

DJ Grant will be a valuable guy in the passing game, but he regards blocking the way Parisians view soap.

We want to find depth in our DL and separate the young LBs (this is a direct reference to Robinson/Acho, IMO). I also think you'll see Tariq Allen as our #2 MLB playing heavy minutes in blowouts.

We're going to develop packages with 4 DEs on the field at once for pure passing situations.

Sherrod Harris and Garrett Gilbert will split snaps at #2. The winner of that competition plays in '09. Sherrod tweaked his knee and hasn't been able to do all of his offseason work. I hope Sherrod will have the revelation that this summer will determine the rest of his Longhorn football career.

Some transcript comments:

We will not have a depth chart. We will kind of start guys where they finished in the spring. But, we do feel like it's a great advantage for us to change the depth charts each day based on how a guy performs. I know that gets frustrating sometimes for our fans, but it's the best way to motivate our team, and that's what we're going to do and we'll continue to do it.

Practice hard or we will take the OR/AND away and replace it with a MAYBE!

So, if you have more man coverage guys one year, you may put the emphasis on man, and that has changed since the early years here.

Carl Reese, holla. Nice to see us going to some mix and match zone coverage.
Hopefully, we'll be a little more complex this year without two freshman safeties.

We found with our self-studies over the summer that in the past eight years, the scoring offense and the scoring defense were the two most important things that happen.

Hilarious. Coincidentally, we also found the same trend in basketball and baseball! We're asking Johns Hopkins to publish a white paper.

Interesting rule change here:

The tackle box will be from the center out now instead of outside your tackles. So, the tackle box will be cut down and shorter than it used to be, so the quarterback doesn't have as much room to scramble and throw the ball away, and the defense will be able to hit him when he gets out of that tackle box more readily. This is the same for your rugby style punter. Since so many people are rugby style punting now, when your punter turns to run and starts to rugby punt, he is treated more like a runner instead of a punter.

I think that's a good rule change for the game though it plays against us.

When I was in Iraq, the General told me that our jobs were very similar, because in both football and the military, you both want to beat the other team down, you want to gain ground, you want to take territory away from the opposition, you don't want the opposition to get back up, you want to have good body language and be positive and you want to fight. The difference is that the young people over there can die, and in football, we don't fight. So, we don't call this war and we don't call this a battle.

I want to high five Mack on this one.

We've done a lot of the team building stuff and we'll continue to do that. We did bring a guest speaker in and we've given them some books to read. Our coaches and staff are being taught more about leadership. We were on the plane going to Big 12 media days, and I saw Jordan [Shipley] reading the book, which I thought was a very positive thing that he was taking it seriously

Sally is making the team read Eat, Pray, Love. Mad Dog read the first part.