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OU's OC - "The line is as talented as any in the country"

As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the Oklahoma coaches are pimping out their question marks as "best of" candidates on the national level. This is standard operating procedure for Stoops and his underlings, but it never stops being somewhat humorous and absolutely absurd.

The last time Kevin Wilson got this bold in regard to his OL, most of the reporters and heavily jorted okie fanbase believed every word. That year was 2005, when they were replacing the majority of their OL starters and had very little depth. I think that was also the season in which Chad Roark quit ahead of the summer drills after S&C Coach Jerry "The Steroid" Schmidt made him eat his own vomit during a workout. I expect similar results from the OL this year. Maybe not 4 losses, but 2-3 won't surprise me at all. You don't just reload on OL. It takes time working together for a group to gel, and they need to get that time together in games. It's hard to get quality reps together when some of the guys are injured, such as potentisl starting Center Ben Habern. Habern is a year removed from a small private school and he's supposedly not practicing. Somehow, he's going to be a part of what their own coach says will be the best OL in the country.

"But CTJ, they don't have to be seasoned if they know how to hold!!!"

Well, it is a decent point, but holding, even flagrant cheating as a strategy such as that that the sooners deploy, also takes reps, time, and seasoning. It isn't like they can walk out there on day one and fully understand the art of the takedown.

The BYU game will be interesting. BYU returns a seasoned and talented DL. Their OL is in the same spot as OU, but the DL has a lot of talent and experience. Bronco Mendenhall is a good defensive guy and his team will give OU some trouble. Of course, if it's the best OL in the country, well, no doubt BYU is doomed.

BTW, that link includes video of various OU personnel talking. Trent Williams sounds dumber than farts. Kevin Wilson bragged on Williams' ability to run a 4.7 this summer. "That's all. That's all. That's a fact." I guess if Trent Williams is ever given a shot at the fumblerooskie, that 40 speed is going to really pay off. Listening to Kevin Wilson talk is the rough equivalent of listening to pigs getting slaughtered. The man sounds like every stereotypical jock jughead I've ever encountered, played with, or played for.