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Kevin Wilson's lips move

Every year about this same time the OU coaches say some outlandish bullshit about how this is the best team/defense/offense/quarterback/cornerback, etc they've ever had. It's comical and amazing and infuriating how every year their players just keep getting better.

Sooner players from 1999 to 2009.

Sooner offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson has really embraced the concept to the point of outright lying.

Yesterday Wilson said that center Brody Eldridge, who has played the position for a week or some shit, is already as good as the four year starter he replaced, Jon Cooper.

"He’s as good as the guy that played last year, right now," Wilson said. "He blocks those big guys we got who are as good as anybody we’ll see, right now."

Wait. Didn't Wilson say that Trent Williams was the best lineman he ever coached?

"He’s our best lineman," Wilson said of Eldridge. "Trent (Williams) is the most talented guy, but Brody is the most consistent."

Um, do we need to produce the article?

"The best lineman that I've had since I've been here — and I did have two former players who played in the Pro Bowl last year that were first-round picks — is No. 71," Wilson said of Williams. "It's not close."

He then produced affidavits from four different childhood friends who swore that Wilson would never say something like that.

But he did say it. And everyone knows he said it. And now they know not to believe anything he says.