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Pirate Sundry

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Colt McCoy isn’t taking the bait: "I’ve never been a revenge guy." He leaves that to Muschamp.

Mike Leach is already playing mind games: "It's hard to sustain (revenge) for an entire 60 minutes out there," Leach said.

"At some point you got to worry about doing your job and playing well." Says the guy wearing an eyepatch and Pirates of the Caribbean t- shirt signed by Jonny Depp in his lucky red pen. Never trust a lawyer.

First, watch this about five times.

Second, head butt the nearest wall regardless of construct. Third, grab a beer.

I actually prefer this clip.

We’re under 72 hours to kickoff and as you can tell actual work is sloping towards zero faster than the time it takes HenryJames to dial up porn on his iPhone.

That’s about three seconds.

Which is also how long it took for Texas' season to turn on a dime last year, when Crabtree beat “double coverage” (rewatch clip because you're all masochists) and delivered Tech its biggest victory ever on his way to NFL riches being controlled by bitches. Fickle the college football gods are.

Regardless of what you hear from the coaches and players, last year’s wounds are still fresh and you have to think guys like Curtis Brown, Earl Thomas, and Blake Gideon will want to make amends for the plays they failed to make. Gideon shall mock all of you, but specifically closetojumping, with a diving one-handed INT in the endzone that he laterals to Earl Thomas, who actually catches it, then takes it back 108 yards for a score.

As Trips already mentioned in this unexpectedly controversial post, the Jeffcoats will be in town for the game had to cancel the trip at the last minute due to illness (per Rivals $$). Bummer. Let's hope he makes it back in town soon.

Here is an article on the Jeffcoats from Trips Right’s favorite daily, USA Today. Color-coded point spreads = lock of the century! Early chalk, people. Early chalk.

Tech only gave up seven sacks last year and just one so far this season but I’m predicting at least two. Why? Because you only have to be within five feet of Taylor Potts to drag him down by his beard. We also have the right personnel to blitz through gaps in Aaron Williams, E. Acho, and Keenan Robinson. Another reason is Sergio Kindle’s dad is getting impatient. How can you say no to a guy named Johnny Walker, especially after crashing said guy's car into a stationary building? If the building had been moving that would have been one thing. The texting while driving part is excusable -- everybody within a three mile range of the 40 acres is apparently legally required to do so. Pay off your punishment in the form of TFLs and sacks, #2.

Pirate Yoda's Prediction

Potts will throw the ball 50 times for 300 yards and 2 TDs but the sum of those efforts will be 17 points. Yes, less than we gave up to the mighty Warhawks of Louisiana Monroe. Because Muschamp swore we'd never give up 20 pts in a game again all season and I trust the man. Tech will move the ball between the 20s before stalling in the red zone and giving up an easy 3 for a throwaway on 4th & 7. This is well precedented. The myriad ways in which we’ll score is still unknown, other than Earl Thomas’ pick six for the ages. Greg Davis will probably tease us with deep balls to Malcolm Williams that inevitably get caught for touchdowns, only to never be seen again until next year’s Tech game.

Texas wins 44-17. The Taliban promptly cuts off all ties with Potts. Leach puts out feelers to see if any WAC teams are interested. Again.

dedfischer, who is risking injury to vital organs (read: liver) by making an appearance at the BC tailgate on Saturday, has two worthy previews of the OL and DL matchups – battles that Tech owned for most of the game last year (with an assist from ChrisApplewhite’s mentor, Greg Davis).

For Huckleberry and our readers out there that like stalking celebrities, Herbstreit & the Gameday crew are at El Arroyo right now. You can set your watch to it every year when they come in town. Just don't eat the food.

Regret it you will.