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Saturday Open Thread - Richt In Trouble

I'll set up a separate Texas thread later on.

Tennessee - 45, Georgia - 19. Vol QB Crompton - who is terrible - goes off for 300+ and Tennessee outgains Georgia 2-1. That smell of singed evangelist is Mark Richt officially on the hot seat. Georgia is now 3-3 and they're looking 6-6 or 7-5 squarely in the face. I guess the Georgia fans who whined over here for two years may want to reconsider the idea that Richt is a Top 5 coach. Expect a postseason coordinator shuffle as Richt fights to right the ship.

Arkansas blew the doors off of Auburn. They're starting to look like the team I thought they'd be in the preseason. If they go 8-4 against their brutal schedule, they're a top 20 team. I love a Petrino offense.

A&M and OSU are in a shootout. 36-31, OSU right now. The Aggies can't play defense once you adjust to their pressure packages and Von Miller disappears, they're terrible in the secondary, and their OL is putrid in protection. This team is composed entirely of cake with no steak. Some fun skill players though.

Zac Robinson has been murdering A&M's secondary with an anonymous receiving corps, but OSU's defense is Charmin soft. That big Georgia win is taking on a completely different context.

KU struggled hard with ISU, but Reesing has gone off. 442 yards passing right now. Disturbing for KU is the fact that ISU is going to break 500 yards of total offense. ISU had the ball and a chance to win in KU territory late. Amazing. Nebraska fans have to be cackling right now.

OU-Baylor scoreless early....but Baylor outgaining OU and Bradford was 0-2 on his first series.