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Later Sooners

OU football: Issue at depth

The Sooner program has always had some ways of doing things that would eventually come back to bite them. But as long as they were winning the Big 12 and there were adequate Slim Jims for the fanbase, things were good. But now there is blood in the water in Norman, and people are starting to ask questions that they should have been asking all along.

The latest question to be asked is how Oklahoma has managed to lose 40% of their offensive line recruits since 2005, the worst in the Big 12 South. They’ve lost as many as Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State have combined.


"I think we know why."

"There's a number of reasons," Bob Stoops said. "Some guys don't want to go to class. Don't want to work out. They want to set their own schedule."

Some don’t want to drink their own puke. Some don’t want to play injured. And some don’t like being under the tutelage of a sociopath masquerading as a strength and conditioning coach.

"Puke flavored donut anyone?"

The Tulsa World says ‘there have been tales of grueling treatment during offseason conditioning, and that happens to be when most of those players left.’

Correlation? Causation? Meh. Stoops says they make, uh, modifications for linemen so they’re not asked to run as much as other position players. And besides, it’s the tortuous workouts in the offseason that makes you tough. Or makes you quit the sport.

"I quit."