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New Year's Day bowl games open thread

First up is the Outback Bowl between Auburn and Northwestern. I don't get Outback Steakhouse. I don't get Australian-themed restaurants in general. I mean, what the fuck is walkabout soup? And what the fuck are jackaroo chops? But I guess if you like it that's cool.

Northwestern's quarterback looks older than their head coach. And he's named Kafka which at least one sideline finds funny. What's funnier is that he's throwing to a couple of guys named Drake Dusnmore and Zeke Markshausen. So Auburn probably feels like they're playing a frat.

Auburn is up 14-7 on the strength of two interceptions by Walter McFadden, one of which he returned 100 yards for a touchdown.

It's not the most exciting game out there, but it is a game. And as Andy Warhol said, 'People will always watch something rather than nothing.'