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Texas-USC Top Rated College Game of the Decade

No surprise here as the best game of the decade was also was also the most-watched game of the the BCS era.

The Longhorns 41-38 win over USC for the National Championship drew an audience of over 35 million.

The Longhorns dramatic National Championship win drew 5.5 million more viewers than the next college telecast -- the 2003 Miami-Ohio State BCS Championship game.

As expected, the BCS title games dominate the ratings, but it is also evident as to why the Big 10/Pac10/Rose Bowl triumvirate wields such power in the BCS.

The Rose Bowl holds the top four spots in the decade's ratings not taken by championship games. Even matchups such as Wisconsin vs. Stanford and Purdue vs. Washington outdrew some BCS championship games.

There was only one regular season game that cracked the Top 20 College Football games in TV ratings. That was the 2006 Ohio State-Michigan contest.

Ohio State's 42-39 win over Michigan in 2006 drew over 21 million viewers.

Texas' dramatic last-second win over Michigan in the 2005 Rose Bowl was 18th on the list with just at 20.5 million viewers.*

*The rankings are based on ratings (percentage of TV households that are tuned into the show). There can be some discrepancy on total viewers per household.