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Don't Call it a Post Mortem: Texas @ ISU

Trips' wife is currently laboring to produce another future partner for his Coyote racket and hence his ability to watch and report on the game may be compromised. Now you never know quite what you'll get from a new child but if he's anything like his next oldest brother upon meeting me he'll immediately attempt to punch me in the crotch. That's right. He's a junk puncher. Joke's on him when I key his big wheel though.

Anyway I've agreed to whip something up just in case and that means you, the reader get to suffer as my understanding of the game of basketball is right up there with my understanding of the popularity of American Idol. So you get to be rich and famous by making a fool of yourself in front of a Brit, a washed up cougar and a fat dude? What ever happened to just blowing a Jewish guy? It seemed to work out alright for Nicolas Cage.

Anyway I'll tell you what's a good show we'll be missing is Tosh.0. Daniel Tosh is probably the cruelest and funniest guy on the tube right now and if you're a Barking Carnival fan it's almost certainly up your alley.

Web Redemption - Crying Giants Fan
Web Redemption 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reaction Demi Moore Picture

So what were we talking about? Oh yeah, orangeball. Let's watch and see what happens...

Okay well it seems we're kinda good and resilient and stuff.

Avery Bradley does a fantastic job finding his shot and when he's on he's just a serious weapon. Then he goes and plays killer defense on the other end of the floor. Unbelievable that he's a freshman.

Damion James has become just an incredible player. Game tied, crowd wild, fans roaring and Damion calls for the ball and knocks down a fall away jumper from the elbow. Down by six with everything going ISU's way? Two consecutive threes. Would it be weird if I sent him a mix tape?

Dexter wasn't getting any calls and got frustrated. It happens.

J'Covan had some nice moments offensively but continues with his occasional brain farts and laziness with the ball. Maybe he's just into getting 'motherfucked'.

Jordan Hamilton was in scoring mode tonight and that's exactly what we needed. We just need to buy him a toggle switch.

All told that's an awfully nice win in a tough place to play against a team with good talent. You take that all the time.