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John Calipari is a Caricature of Sleaze

Everyone knows the history here. Coach Cal bought and paid for Lou Roe and Marcus Camby among others to vault himself into the national spotlight taking the Minuteman program along for a flash-in-the-pan ride. I wish former Temple Coach John Chaney would have been 10 years younger at the time because I would have loved to watch Mr. Temple Owl break his foot off in that sleaze bag's ass.

There was the "Mexican Idiot" incident when JC coached the New Jersey Nets. Ha. How's this for pure awesomeness:

Calipari was in the parking lot outside the team's practice facility in Mahwah, N.J., having a heated conversation with Kerber about news media coverage of the team. Calipari saw Garcia and yelled in his direction, profanely calling him a ''Mexican idiot.''

Kerber tried to calm Calipari, who yelled, ''He gave me a D,'' referring to a midseason report card Garcia had written about the team.

At that point, Garcia walked over to Calipari, who was sitting in his car. Garcia asked him if he had a problem with him. The two exchanged words about what Calipari viewed as critical coverage of his team.

''Don't you think I'm a good coach?'' Calipari asked Garcia. Garcia replied, ''No.'' The argument continued, and Garcia told Calipari he thought he was acting like a ''5-year-old, Coach.'' Calipari replied, ''If you ever say that again, I will punch you in the face.''

Toward the end of the confrontation, Calipari said to Garcia that he apologized if Garcia thought he had been insensitive for the comment he yelled across the parking lot.

Fast forward to the shenanigans at Memphis that will probably land the Tiger program on probation in the very near future for fixing SAT scores and playing players with horribly conceived neck ink. I mean is there anything too scummy for this fast talkin', pinky ring wearin', Jersey Shore caricature to pull on the college basketball community? The dude's an abject embarrassment to the sport as well as the Kentucky basketball program, and this tradition rich school should be ashamed for associating itself with the chancellor of chach of the college basketball coaching fraternity. Instead of 1980's style Armani suits, Cal should be forced to wear Z-Cavariccis and roach killers, as a sort of Scarlet letter, for the rest of what is certain to be a brief tenure at Kentucky.

And then there's this...

Can you imagine Joe B. Hall calling a Sportscenter anchor a "jagoff" during a congratulatory interview that's meant to celebrate the Kentucky basketball program for its ascent to the top? Hell, I can't imagine Joe B. Hall calling anyone a jagoff. Check out the latest in what has become a littany of Calipari douchebaggery.

Also, for our Kansas friends, notice how he totally discounts one of the greatest clutch shots of all time as some sort of desperation heave "through the rafters". Mario Chalmers is now officially my favorite Kansas player.

Look I get that you want to win, Kentucky fan, but at what cost? Is this idiot really worth it?

If you are a true blue fan of the unforgettables, you need to forget this dude.